Tony DiGerolamo

Tony DiGerolamo is a New Jersey screenwriter, novelist, comic book writer, game designer, improv comic and actor. He is best known for his work on The Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books and The Simpsons Books of Wisdom, but his biggest credit is as a joke writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He has also written for Space Ghost: Coast-to-Coast on the Game Tap website. Tony has written the award-winning short film, Ten Cents a Minute, as well as the features The Evil Within and Mafioso: The Father, The Son starring Leo Rossi. His novels, Fix in Overtime and The Undercover Dragon are available through Padwolf Publishing. After publishing his own comic books (Jersey Devil, The Travelers and The Fix) with South Jersey Rebellion, he eventually got a publishing deal with Kenzer & Company. Kenzer published The Travelers. Tony also wrote Everknights (another Kenzer comic book), as well as the Hacklopedia of Beasts (Volumes 1 thru 8) and Slaughterhouse Indigo (an adventure for the Hackmaster RPG). Currently, Tony writes Lookin' at Comics the comics review column for Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. His game is called Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20. Tony directs the Philadelphia long-form improv group, the Ninjas. Tony is the official biographer for Lambda Sigma Rho and the web strip Super Frat. Super Frat Rush Week Collection is published by Silent Devil and is available in stores now. Currently, he is a producer, writer and actor in Zombie Country, an online zombie TV show at He also wrote episode 16 of the popular online series, Hero Envy. Look for his comic book adaptation of Mark Twain's book on Joan of Arc coming soon.