Name: Ken Ryder

Classes/Levels: 2nd level Strong Mook, 4th level Cop
Organization: New Jersey State Troopers
Rank: Detective
Strength: 16/+3
Intelligence: 14/+2
Wisdom: 12/+1
Dexterity: 14/+2
Constitution: 13/+1
Charisma: 14/+2
Defense: 17
Hit Points: 41
Attack Bonus: +5
Fortitude Save: +4
Reflex Save: +1
Will Save: +1
Rep: +2
Skills: +8 Investigate, +7 Intimidate, +5 Spot, +5 Listen, +6 Sense Motive, +3 Sense Weakness, +3 Destroy Evidence, +4 Diplomacy, +6 Gather Information, +4 Drive, +4 Knowledge (Streetwise), +4 Move Silently, +6 Search, +4 Swim, +6 Craft (pharmaceutical)
Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Brawl, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Alertness, Armor Proficiency (light), Long Memory
Weaknesses: Code of Honor (Ryder will never betray a confidence.)
Talents: Ignore Hardness, Identify Family Members, Interrogate
Respect: 600
Bank: 300
Wealth Bonus: +15
General Appearance: Ken's fashion sense is back somewhere in the 80's, but he cuts a strong figure. He likes to wear sunglasses like his favorite action hero.

Role-playing tips: Ken Ryder is a New Jersey State Trooper that was promoted to detective shortly before the Jersey Devil's first recorded rampage. He is an outstanding officer, but has been unable to apprehend the Jersey Devil. He is sometimes honest to a fault.

Weapon of Choice: : fists, Glock 17, 9mm autoloader, D2d6, 30ft range, 17 mag.

First Appearance: Jersey Devil #1

(official stats for Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20)

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