Area 1: Sewer Grate: In the street, just in front of the church is a sewer grate. The grate is positioned at the base of the stairs. On the other side of the staircase at street level is a sign that announces what sermons will be performed. It currently reads, "Saint Flannigan's Church, Please Excuse our Appearance during our "remodeling". This Sunday's Mass Proverbs 13:4 ("The appetite of the lazy craves and gets nothing, while the appetite of the diligent is richly supplied.") (There is a 20% chance Barry & Gibb the sewer trolls will be here. If they PC's are friendly, they will chat about philosophy, religion and politics. If the PC's are rude or attack them, they flee to the sewers. The sewer grating is 300lbs and requires at least two PC's to lift.)

Area 2: Front door: The entrance to Saint Flannigan's Church is a pair of massive oaken doors that rise 20' high. The stoop of the church is supported by five large columns atop a 40' wide staircase leading to the street. The steps and the walls of the church appear to be very old, but made of stone and very sturdy. (Shambles usually only locks the door at night. It is currently open. Shambles, Eddie and Father Aquinas all have keys. Don't let the PC's wander around unsupervised too long. If they are especially shifty, Shambles will keep a wary eye on them and rush them to the Catacombs.)

Area 3: Pews and Main Room: The main room in Saint Flannigan's has a vaulted ceiling stretching 30' in height. On either side are darkened alcoves, above which are stained glass windows depicting various religious icons of the Church. Each pew has a padded kneeling area that folds out for the pew behind it. Additionally, someone has recently placed cozies on all the hymnal books.

Area 4: Altar: The altar area has a pulpit from which Shambles or Tommy can preach on Sundays and conduct mass. Above the pulpit, against the wall, is a wooden Jesus. Someone (Shambles) has fixed a crossbow bolt mark with wood putty in the wooden statue's left pectoral. There is a cabinet behind the altar to the left and a pipe organ to the right. (This cabinet contains 20 vials of holy water, 2 dozen holy wafers and 8 doses of Healing Waters. These waters act like Potions of Extra-Healing, but only while drunk on consecrated ground. To activate the secret casino that flips over the pews and reveals betting tables, one must play "Shave and a Haircut" on the pipe organ.)

Area 5: Tommy's Room: This is the living quarters of Father Thomas Aquinas. The room contains a simple bed, nightstand, writing table and chair. A small wardrobe stands against the north wall and a washbasin sits on the nightstand. (Tommy's clothes are in the wardrobe. There is a secret compartment in the wardrobe that contains a strong box with the church's money: 75gp, 92sp and 120cp. There is also a key to the wine cellar. Shambles already found Tommy's strongbox and knows how to pick the lock with ease. The writing table contains various papers written by Tommy, including an article for the Papal Post about Shambles' return from the undead. There is a bible in the nightstand, parchment, quill and 2 vials of ink.)

Area 6: Guest Quarters: This room contains a bed, wardrobe, nightstand, writing desk, chair and washbasin. It is reserved for visiting clergy. If any PC clerics are CG, Shambles may offer them a bunk for free. Also stored in this room is a gigantic pair of scissors that are about 8' long (see issue #1).

Area 7: Brother Ronald's Room: Brother Ronald's Room contains a bed, nightstand and a candle. There are beds and nightstands for 3 other monks. (The nightstand contains parchment, quill, ink and a series of essays about Ronald's experiences here. They are sarcastic and hilarious and most cast Shambles in a poor light.)

Area 8: Guest Quarters: This room is just like area 6, only Shambles and Eddie lived here for a time before they decided it was too drafty. It still contains a pile of trash that Tommy swept in the middle of the room, but didn't get a chance to pick up yet. (Amidst the trash is a red poker chip, love letter from Delilah to Eddie and three giant sized apple seeds (see issue #1). The twosome have apparently, been using this room to make out.)

Area 9: Hallway: This is the hallway to the Priest Quarters. The door that leads outside is normally locked, but Ronald, Eddie, Shambles and Tommy all have keys.

Area 10: Church Tower: The church tower was once a guard tower when the church was a war church. It was converted to a bell tower, but the bell was never installed. (Shambles is still trying to raise the money for one.) The bottom floor is the home of Shambles and Eddie and it's an absolute pigsty. Half-eaten food, dirty dishes and open books are scattered everywhere. There is a 10% chance that Shambles will lose anything placed inside this room for 1-4 hours. On one wall is a poorly spelled banner that reads, "Order of the Saintley Worriars". There are three bunks. Next to Shambles bed is a bucket that he sometimes uses as a chamber pot. (The extra bunk is the home of 3 normal rats. Shambles and Eddie feed them regularly and there is so much food here, they almost never bother the twosome. Shambles has named the rats "Chug", "Locust" and "Tony The Quick". Somewhere beneath the filth under his bed are the two Maces of Saint Bert. One of Dan's shirts has fallen behind the extra bed.
Shambles has a secret compartment in his wardrobe that contains his old thief gear including +1 leather mail, thieves picks and tools, 3gp, 14sp. There is an extra mace and a helmet here as well. Hidden above Eddie's bed behind a tapestry is the trap door to the second floor of the tower.)

Area 10B: Second Floor: This second floor is the same size as the first and is full of junk that Shambles has squirreled away from the club's adventures. Shambles has been meaning to sell it or throw it away, but he's too lazy to do either. Amongst the bric-a-brac is a giant-sized mustard jar lid (issue #1), the bottom half of a demon costume (issue #2), a turban (issue #4), a box of Sojournor action figures (issue #5), a small ivory statue of the goddess Aphrodite (issue #9) and a large bass drum that says "Think Don't Drink" on either side (issue #14). There is a rope ladder that leads to the roof.

Area 10C: Tower Roof: The roof of the Church Tower was originally designed for defense so it has battlements all the way around. There is a box here that was once used for storing crossbow bolts, but it is empty. A large iron bar has been place here for when a bell could be installed. The surrounding roof and street can be seen from here.

Area 11: Choir Room: This is the room where the Boys Choir holds practice. The choir is a disorganized mess, as Shambles is practically tone deaf and often misses rehearsal. Since Tommy moved in, rehearsal schedules have stabilized, except for the fact that Shambles canceled rehearsal during this adventure. The room contains a set of bleachers, conductor's podium and sheets of music.

Area 12: Library: This is the church's library and contains row upon row of dusty religious tomes and old books. There is a 40% chance Eddie will be here looking for another book to read. Shambles is under the mistaken impression that this is a broom closet.

Area 13: Store Room/Kitchen: This storeroom is used to hold the choirboy robes, music, extra pews and various church supplies. There is also a kitchen with a fireplace and a mold for making holy wafers. There is a cabinet for food storage, but it is usually (75% of the time) empty.

Area 14: Meeting Room: This room has a large table and several chairs. It is used to greet important dignitaries to the church. It is occasionally used by Shambles and the club for their monthly meetings. There is a Beastlyville Flag here and a banner that proudly proclaims, "The Secret Order of the Iron Weasel".

Area 15: Church Stables: Although the church does not keep any animals here on a permanent basis, Shambles and the club frequently use this stable for animals that they rent. There is a large cart here that the club used to haul booty from one particularly profitable adventure. It contains 16 large sacks, one of which burst.

Area 16: Back Room: This back room is used by the priests to store their religious garments and other items need to conduct mass. In a glass case on a high shelf is a heart-shape vial containing blood. A label proclaims this "The Blood of Saint Januarius". (The blood contains 33 doses of the sainted blood that will instantly transform any vampire or undead creature that drinks blood and has intelligence back into a living creature. The blood actually regenerates new doses at the rate of 1 dose per day. The case is trapped with a Glyph of Warding that paralyzes anyone that does not speak the saint's name in Latin before opening it.)

Area 17: Storage Room: This storage room is full of candle holders, blank gravestones, shovels and other items used in funeral services. There is also a stack of headstones with the following names: "Father Shambles took his last breath, He probably drank himself to death", "The Mighty Cubby ate alot and death could only make him stop", "Tariff Staff was noble and true, but Heaven called to take its due", "Barbara the Barbarian lies below, her sword arm was just too slow" and "Sir Dan lies here beneath this stone, for once he lays down all alone." There is a door to the wine cellar here that is locked. (Tommy currently has the only key, but Shambles has picked the lock before.)

Area 18A: Graveyard: The graveyard behind Flannigan's is enormous and some of the headstones go back centuries. The ground is uneven and dotted with many monuments, masouleums and headstones. The hilly, uneven ground is dotted with trees making the area a perfect place to hide or stage an ambush. The names on the headstones include: "Here lies Frank, it was poison he drank", "Here lies Mike, killed by a pike", "R.I.P dearest Todd, taken by an act of God", "Joan enjoyed religious debate, that's why they burned her at the stake", "Marcus was a clown of note, the troll just didn't get the joke" and "Entombed here is a knight named Bart, a giant ripped his legs apart."

Area 18B: Outhouses: Previously, there were two other outhouses, but these were both destroyed in bizarre explosive accidents. Currently, there is a new outhouse. Despite its relatively clean and new look, it reeks of vomit from a recent drinking binge Shambles went on. (after the events of issue #14).