Grab a sword! Slay a dragon! Loot some booty! And don't forget our monthly meeting! Welcome to the Hackmaster version The Travelers! For those of you that don't play RPG's (that stands for role-playing game), Hackmaster is a variation of Dungeons & Dragons. Like most role-playing games, players assume the role of a character that they create while a GM (GameMaster) runs the world in which the characters live. As creator of The Travelers, I am GM supreme! However, these pages are designed to let players and GM's in the world of the Hackmaster game have fun with The Travelers characters. (Please, try not hurt Shambles. He's a priest!) The Players menu tells players what they see and hear when they arrive at the Swig, however the GM's view tells the Game Master the little "secrets" that exist. Additionally, those pages provide the game stats for the characters in the Swig, except for the Travelers themselves. (Those stats appear in issue #14.) Watch for future updates and additions in the future! Click on one of the places below that appear in the comic and find out more about where our heroes live!

Module TT1: Sham in a Jam: Father Shambles Loses the Church

Module TT2: Mummy Dearest

(A note to GM's: The Travelers #14 and The Travelers #20 contain stats for The Travelers as NPC's. Also useful is my article from KODT #64. Remember, your players have access to this website. Keep them honest. Change a trap or two!)

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