Area 1: Docks: The docks outside the Dock & Swig are part of a long chain of piers and docks along the diverted Lenape River that flows through Beastlyville. To the left of the bar is the edge of the fish market, so a variety of fishing boats are moored there. Directly across from the swig is a large pleasure craft of Greek origin. It has a small house on it and a gangplank. The sign on it reads, "For Sale by Locust the Wizard". (see issues 9 thru 11) (This is the ship The Travelers got from Archimedes, but the Time Machine was removed to Locust's tower weeks ago. Locust is asking for 500gp, but will reluctantly sell it for as low as 300gp) During the day, there will be 1d6 minus 3 ships moored here. This amount increases to 1d8 in the afternoon and at night. City guards regularly patrol this area to keep thieves from stealing fishing ships and many ships (40%, have 1 to 3 crewmen sleep on board to guard it.) Average Fishermen (AC 10, HD 1, HP 23, #At 1, D1-4 knife 50% or 1-6 club 50%).
Building 2: Manfred's Fish: This fish shop belongs to a balding man named Manfred the Fishmonger (see issue #14) (AC 9, HD 1, HP 22, #At1 D fist). Manfred gambles heavily and is often in debt to the Brown Finger Mob. On any given day, there is a 10% chance of finding Hans & Lars (60%) or Tony the Quick (30%) or both (10%) here having a "talk" with Manfred. Manfred never has more than 2 gold pieces on his person.

Area 3: Front of Dock & Swig: The front of the Dock and Swig faces the docks. There are two large bay windows and a single front door. The structure is primarily made of wood and has been rebuilt and refurbished several times. There is a 20% chance there will be a hand painted, sandwich sign here proclaiming "Tuesday night, ladies drink for free!". (Closer examination reveals that the sign used to say, "Sailors drink free!". see issue #14)

Area 4: Main Bar: In the day, the Swig will have anywhere from 0 to 9 customers in it, while at night the number is 2 to 40. Approximately 30% of the clients will be women, except on Tuesdays when the percentage increases to an even 50%. There are eleven tables with 3 to 6 chairs each spaced about the room and a long bar with stools. Sawdust covers the floor, mostly to absorb spilled beer and other fluids. Customers are expected to use the front door or the side entrance. To the left of the bar is a sign that indicates the restrooms are in the back of the bar. A set of stairs on the east side of the room lead to a balcony and the rooms above. These are visible from the bar floor.

The Swig Staff includes five waitresses: Helga, Joy, Brenda, Nadine and Glory. (all are married to Cubby and their stats are as follows:
Helga AC 9, HD 2nd level human thief, HP 28, #AT 2, D1-4 with dagger
Joy AC 10, HD 0 level human, HP 23, #At 1 D fist
Brenda AC 9, HD 0 level human, HP 24, #At 1, D 1-6 club
Nadine AC 8, HD 1st level elf fighter, HP 27, #At 1, D1-8 with long sword or fist
Glory AC 10, HD 1st level human fighter, HP 30, #At 1, D 1-3 with hurled tankard

Tending the bar is Sir Dan the Optimist (see Hackmaster stats in the back of issue #14). (Behind the bar is a stuffed badger's head. There is a small secret passage behind it that contains a dagger. Dan keeps his crossbow loaded and under the bar at all times.)

Sitting at the bar is Barbara the Barbarian and Cubby (see Hackmaster stats in the back of issue #14). They are pitching pickled eggs into the air with spoons and catching them in their mouths in some kind of eating contest. Barbara looks a little nauseated. (Dexterity check and Constitution check to play game. For each additional egg, subtract 2 to Con and for every 3 eggs subtract 1 to Dex, subtract an additional 1 from Dex if a Con roll is missed. Whoever eats the most eggs wins. Shambles holds the record at nine. Cubby held all previous records.)

Area 5: Kitchen: This is the Swig's kitchen and it is almost always a mess. Dan does most of the cooking and he isn't very good at it. Fortunately, Cubby has written out several recipes for him to follow (including Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings). On busy nights Cubby sometimes helps or Dan hires an extra cook. There is a cleaver imbedded into a support that Dan has not been able to remove (left by Tony the Quick, it takes a Strength of at least 19 to pull it loose, Dan will give the person a free meal and drink). A set of stairs leads to the second floor. This is the waitress entrance for when they are cleaning rooms.

Area 6: Pantry: This is the pantry and there are always 1-3 normal rats here. Probably the worst kept secret in the bar is here, the secret passage that leads to Dan's office. There is a well-worn path and there is a 50% chance it has been left open. Despite Dan's insistence, the waitresses continue to use the passage whenever they feel like it.

Area 7: Dan's Office: This room contains a desk with a pile of paper. Dan hates to do paperwork and the Swig's books are a mess. There are 4 silver pieces in the lowest drawer that fell in under some papers and have been forgotten about. (Amidst the papers are evidence of the Brown Finger Mob's illegal money laundering. It was accidentally left here by Hans and Lars. If exposed, Dan will be blamed by mistake.)

Area 8: The Back Room: This room contains a table and eight chairs. The club uses it for their monthly meeting when they need a private room. Patrons sometimes rent it out for deals of their own. There is a window looking into Dan's office. Dan will pull the curtain if a patron asks.

Area 9: Ladies Room: This rarely used privy has a small shelf, mirror and water basin. It is used mostly by the Swig's waitresses and Barbara.

Area 10: Mens Room: This often used privy has a broken shelf, broken mirror and a water basin on the floor. It's pretty filthy.

Area 11: Basement: The Swig's Basement is used to store beer, liquor and other odds and ends.

Area 12: Balcony: The second floor balcony overlooks the main bar. (Patrons are 30% likely to be questioned by one of the bar wenches if they do not belong here.)

Area 13: Dan's Room: (Unless Dan is here, the door to this room will be locked. Only Dan, Barbara and Cubby have the key. Shambles has a secret key that he made unbeknownst to anyone else, save Eddie.) The room contains a comfortable bed, large wardrobe, nightstand, oil lamp, wash basin, chamber pot, full length mirror and a variety of grooming implements. There is a large crate in the corner with airholes in it. (from issue #7)

Area 14: Barbara's Room: (from issue #3) Barbara's room is unlocked and it is a well known fact amongst the bar crowd that the last thief that attempted to rob Barbara got his ribcage crack and spleen adjusted. It contains a closet with Barbara's clothes, a bed, an ornate chair, an ottoman (both surrounded by a tiny moat). There is a statue of the gawd Etorm, although its ear was broken off and has been tied in place with a piece of cloth. (The statue can animate dead if it is damaged.)

Area 15: Empty Room: This room is reserved for rent by the customers of the Swig. It contains a bed, nightstand, oil lamp, water basin, chamber pot, small table and chair.
Area 16: Broom Closet: This is a broom closet and contains brooms, dustpans and buckets. There are also spare chamber pots, blankets and wash basins. However, the club has also store a cache of weapons here: two long swords, crossbow, 30 bolts, two throwing axes, a staff and a mace. Someone has left a corkscrew here as well. (from issue #8)

Area 17: Third Floor Common Room: The third floor of the Swig has a pointed ceiling that runs down the length of the building, north to south. The ceiling is 10' high in the center and tapers to 3' high on the sides. This room is sometimes rented to groups at a cut rate when the Swig is full. There is a table with a slightly large communal wash basin for the guests in rooms 20, 21 and 22.

Area 18: Suite: This suite has a slanted ceiling, but is appointed the same as Dan's room, save the personal items.

Area 19: Suite: This suite is the same as Area 18, although it is a little cleaner. This is the nicest room at the Swig and is reserved for the richest guests. The Earl of Winfrey (see issue #14) once stayed here, but complained the entire time.

Area 20: Room: This is a basic room with a bed, nightstand, oil lamp and chamber pot. The ceiling is slightly lower, so this room is usually rented to Dwarves, Elves or Gnomes.

Area 21: Room: This room has a pointed ceiling and is the same as room #20. The bed and other items have seen more use and show signs of wear.

Area 22: Room: Same as Area 20.

Area 23: Side Entrance: The side entrance to the Swig has a large sign that says, "Sir Dan's Dock and Swig, Side Entrance, No Ogres Please" (see issue #7). There is also a water trough and some posts to tie up your horse. The posts are positioned in front of the windows so patrons can keep an eye on their mounts.

Area 24: Warehouse: This warehouse is used to store fish and other ship-related items for the Mighty Missy Trading Company.

Area 25: Anchors Away!: This was once an upscale ship shop that specialized in unique and interesting anchors. The original owners went out of business and it now sells mundane fish supplies of all kinds. However, the ornate and outrageously priced anchors are still available. (Triple the normal price for anchors, normal prices for other stuff.) Anchors Away is currently run by a retired fisherman named Herman (AC 9, HD 3, HP 19, #At 1, D 1-6 club, Herman was a town guard and still has friends in the ranks. If his shop is robbed or if he is attacked, retribution is assured. Herman is NG, but he's a bit of a grump and impatient with those who don't buy quickly. However, he considers himself a lady-killer and will hit on any female with a Comeliness over 6.)

Area 26: Herman's Office: Herman has a desk and an office here. He also uses it for storage for extra items in his shop. (In a locked desk are 43gp, his entire life savings.)

Area 27: Herman's Bedroom: Herman's bedroom extremely ornate and dimly lit. He has kept his bachelor pad in perfect condition and loves to entertain the ladies. He has a small bar with various liquors, a large bed with silk sheets (worth 100gp), a wardrobe with silk clothes (40gp) and various perfumes, oils and small gifts for the ladies (40gp total). (Herman is constantly on the make, but he's a perfect gentlemen. In exchange for keeping his bar stocked, he lets Sir Dan use his place on occasion. Dan has left his hat here. It's under the bed.)

Area 28: Shipwright's Guild: The guild of shipwrights is one of the smallest in Beastlyville and is not consider a "real" guild by members are larger ones. This doesn't bother the shipwrights, as their hall is primarily used for members to meet clients and acquire more work. The Hall room has a large table and 12 chairs. There is a small counter for Eve to conduct business. Eve runs the hall for her husband, Victor. (Eve AC 10, HD 1, HP 22, #At 1, D punching, LG). Victor is one of the busiest shipwrights in the city and is only 10% likely to be here during the day. Eve sells shipwright tools to guild members at a cut rate, the profits go into maintaining the hall.

Area 29: Eve's Office: Eve keeps the guild's records here. There are currently 21 members and 7 apprentices. There is a desk and chair (strong box in the drawer with a good lock and the guild's 106gp and 33sp.)

Area 30: Eve and Victor's Room: Eve and Victor have a house outside of town, but they are permitted to live in the hall while Victor is the guildmaster and Eve runs the office. They are both extremely honest, as Victor's work has made them both wealthy. Victor will be here at night on weekdays (Victor AC 9, HD 2, HP 32, #At 2, D punching, LG). There are clothes, bed and other mundane items, but little else of interest. Victor dislikes the members of the Brown Finger Mob, as they have tried to, more than once, infiltrate the guild. Anyone belonging to the group will be charged double and triple for services, depending on their behavior.

Area 31: Quint's Bait Shop: This bait shop is run by a crusty old sea dog by the name of Quint (Quint AC 9, HD 3, HP 42, #At 1, D1-6 with a club or spear). Quint hates sharks with a passion and will offer his special mixture of chum at half price to shark hunters. Quint was once a shark hunter himself, but is semi-retired. A "man-eater" is 95% likely to bring him out of retirement. Bait prices range from one to 16 silver pieces. A bucket o' chum is 6sp at full price. Quint is only here in the day and carries 2-12 silver pieces. He lives in the city, but there is a 50% chance he'll be at the Swig in the evening. Most fishermen avoid asking him about shark as he usually punctuates his shark stories by scraping his fingers across the nearest flat surface.