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Jersey Devil Bibliography

Books on the Jersey Devil

Ratings: 1-5 horns

(ratings based on how much of the Jersey Devil is mentioned and how well the book is written)

Phantom of the Pines: More Stories on the Jersey Devil
written by James F. McCloy and Ray Miller, Jr.
This book is a great follow up to The Jersey Devil, albeit, long over due. More stories, more interviews and a great chart in the back documenting all major sitings up until 1996. It's about 155 pages and is published by Middle Atlantic Press. A must have for any fan. (4.5 horns)

Brigid's Charge
written by Cynthia Lamb (a Leeds descendent)
Not yet reviewed. The book is a fictional story centered around Mother Leeds. It has a chart in the front tracing the author's ancestry back to Daniel Leeds.

Weird N.J. (magazine)
written by various
This is rapidly becoming my favorite magazine ever. Weird NJ is much like our letter column, in that it takes letters from all over the Garden State from people who have had weird encounters and have been to weird places. Some have even seen the Jersey Devil. You've got to see this. I love this magazine and I usually hate everything.5 BIG horns

Tony's article on the Blue Hole for Weird NJ magazine featuring a panel from Jersey Devil #8

The Jersey Devil
written by James F. McCloy and Ray Miller, Jr.
Probably the most well known book on the subject, The Jersey Devil was originally published in 1976 and has been reprinted dozens of times. Itís about 120 pages and is published by Middle Atlantic Press. Available in all finer book stores. (5 horns)

Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey
written by Henry Charlton Beck
The Jersey Devil is one of many fascinating stories in this book. It was published in 1936, so some of the information is dated, but it does contain pictures of some of the forgotten towns. Originally published by E.P. Dutton & Co, itís been reprinted many times by Rutgers, The State University. Beckís writing can get a little staid, but its a must for any fan of the pines. Available in all finer book stores. (4 horns)

The Folklore and Folklife of New Jersey
written by David Steven Cohen
The Jersey Devil is one of many tales. The bookís focus is more on analyzing folklore and how it developed, develops and influences things. Itís kind of confusing, but has some really interesting information and one of my favorite Jersey Devil stories (see JD Version 3.0). (3 horns)

Stuff named after the Jersey Devil

(Note: Except for the Jersey Devil name, none of the following places, things or products have any association with South Jersey Rebellion Productions, Tony DiGerolamo or his comic book.)

A type of square dance.

Jersey Devil Tattooing Inc.
(a tattoo parlor at 1008 Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, NJ.)

An ice cream dish at Toryís in Ocean City, NJ.
(Devilís food cake with hot fudge, vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a cherry. Mmmm, sacrilicious.)
(Toryís is at 3308 Asbury Ave. Ocean City, NJ)

An episode of the X-Files

An episode of The New Adventures of Johnny Quest

Some kind of newsletter for antique dealers in Central and South Jersey

A group of house builders and/or architects

The Air National Guard Squadron 177th Fighter Wing is called the Jersey Devils and is based 10 miles outside of Atlantic City.

A fishing boat in Cape May, NJ.

A little known hockey team.

A skateboard store in Delaware(currently closed)

In Evan Dorkin's Hectic Planet (AKA: Pirate Corp$!), the name of the spaceship is the New Jersey Devil. He probably named it after the character, Ron, who owns the ship and used to be goalie for the New Jersey Devil hockey team.

Web pages about Bruce Springstein, the hockey team and some guy in Absecon.

A monster movie that has nothing to do with my comic book, other than itís also about the Jersey Devil legend.

A monster truck
(a short-bed Chevy pick-up) owned by Ed Sims.

A drag race car

Formerly the name of Stone Harbor Golf Club in Stone Harbor, NJ.

A hot dog stand in Smithville(out of business)
(right near the Smithville Inn.) Jersey Devil Dogs

A cranberry cocktail served at the Smithville Inn in Smithville, NJ. Country Folk, a local Smithville shop, sells the following:

Jersey Devil postcards with the illustration by Ed Sheetz

Jersey Devil T-shirts and sweatshirts with the same illustrations.

Various Jersey Devil-related books.

Jersey Devil Chili Fixinsí, which is a tangy hot sauce meant to be served with chili:

Sautť 1 pound of ground beef or turkey, then drain.
add small can of kidney beans
add 1 jar of Jersey Devil Chili Fixinsí
simmer until hot
Eat it!

Jersey Devil Chili is served exclusively at the PINE CREST RESTAURANT Rt. 322 Pennypot, NJ (in the Pine Barrens) They also make the Fixinsí

The souvenir shop in historical Batso sells a Jersey Devil mug and T-shirt with a different illustration.

A company called Amberings sent me a flyer for their cast metal figurine of the Jersey Devil. According to the flyer, it stands 5.75 inches tall and is 4.75 inches in its wing span. Itís priced at $75 plus $10 for S&H. For those who would like to order one, you can send your money to Amberings, PO Box 52, Clayton, NJ 08312. (NJ residents add 6% sales tax.)

J.D.ís bar & grill in Smithville, NJ.

Jersey Devil Links

The Jersey Devil Fact Sheet (2 horns)

Another JD fan builds a website. It's slick, but precious little info about the Jersey Devil as of 1/10/06. Could grow into something nice if he keeps up. Some good links though.

Deep in the Pines (3 horns)

Some guy wrote a musical based after the Jersey Devil legend. The page shows you act one, including a song sung by the devil. Yes, I think heís serious.

Burlington County Page (2 horns)

Part of a large page that features notable things to do in Burlington. It gives you the basics of the original story.

Leut's Jersey Devil Page: Want to hunt the Jersey Devil? These guys are doing it! The page is a little slow to load, but the Hunters' group also offers a newsletter and accounts of sightings. Definitely worth a look. (4 Horns)


New Jersey Pinelands Commission Homepage
Read the legal stuff about J.D.'s turf, plus links to more Pinelands info.

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