Hi my name is Annmarie. I am looking for info to going to the Jersey Devil exhibit. Can you tell me where it is and what it contains? Thank you,
Annmarie Roeseler

The exhibit, which was last seen at Wheaton Village, was originally at the Whitman Museum in Camden, NJ. I believe it's closed now, but it contained artifacts from the Jersey Devil comic book (loaned by yours truly). Pictures from the Jersey Devil book, many illustrations from Weird NJ magazine, T-shirts with various Jersey Devil logos and a history of sightings over the years. I'm told it was easily the Whitman's most popular exhibit.


How do you know it was a "she"?

From: John O'Conner
Where can I find the Jersey Devil Fixin's chili sauce?
I've had it before and love it. I bought it at a flea market and haven;t seen it since.

Well, the creator of the fixin's is the son of the owners of the Pinecrest Motel and Diner. Although you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to purchase your fixin's there, both establishments are only open seasonally, I believe. (Although the motel may be open year-round.) You can find the Pinecrests on Rt. 322 at the point where you can exit the highway and head towards 73. If you're coming from Philadelphia, just get on 322 and head south. It will be on the right.

Fri, 16 Oct 98 08:13:02 EST
From: "Mark Ulissi"

sorry to take up more of your time, but in the jersey devil tales, do any of them say he can change his size. Like go from 4 ft. tall to 8 or 9 ft. tall? I figured you might know this.

The reason I asked is, a friend of mine went on a camping trip in Deleware. While he was there, he and his friends stayed out one night and they were all sitting on a car. My friend saw something running behind the trees, watching them. When he asked the guys with him, they said they saw it too. When they saw it, it was about 4 ft. tall. My friend decided to see who or what it was, and when he got near the woods, It came to the edge, (it hadn't seen my friend standing there yet,) and It was ab out 9ft. tall this time. Well, acording to him, it saw him, turned around, and ran into a tree. Not into like it smacked into the tree and fell down, into like it ran through it and didn't come out the other side. It just vanished. He said the thing had a horse like head, a long tail, black eyes, and red fingernails. After he told me this, he also told me that someone who knew alot about the jersey devil told him a story where the jersey devil lived under a tree, underground, and had a huge place there. Thanks for your time.

Your fan,
Mark Ulissi

I've seen the Jersey Devil portrayed in various sizes. The early renditions seem to be small and implike. I think this was because it was more about losing your soul and less about being butchered horribly. I think that priorities have changed and if you asked most people would they rather get butchered horribly or sell their immortal soul, Hell would get pretty busy.

Scott tells of his version...
(March 1998 email)

she had 12 kid's already.Yes she cursed him.Yes he flew out the 
window,but not until he was a bit older.was kept in the basement till he 
made his way out,as it were.But the story I grew up w/included men 
tracking footprints through feilds where they stopped at any one of the 
following;haystacks,fences,houses,etc.only to continue on the other side.
note:if they came to a house,the tracks would stop,start again on the 
rooftop and start again on the other side of the house.This is in print 
somewhere but I can't remember where.The same went for the haystacks & 
fences.they would end on one side and begin on the other.
       Now,once again,I can't remember the time or place,but "rumor" has 
it that the bones of the devil were found along the coast somewhere.had 
to be some time ago,I'm 35 now.
      I would,just fof G.P.,appreciate any new info you might have.


Most of the knowledge I have could fit in a lunch box with room for the thermos. Rumor has it that the Devil died during a forest fire in the 50's when locals found the bones and feathers from an animal they couldn't identify. That touched off the 1954 hunt, I believe, when State Troopers posted signs saying "The Jersey Devil is a hoax". See "The Jersey Devil" by Miller and McCloy for more info.

Subject: Jersey Devil
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 

The Air National Guard Squadron is 177th Fighter Wing (The Jersey Devils)and they fly F-16 out of Atlantic City International Airport in Pomona, NJ,who's peace time mission is the protection of North America air space a long the coast of New Jersey. (I was a station there during the 1980s) and they have a web site at

Thanks for the info Dwayne. Tell me, what's the standing order for a Jersey Devil sighting? Shoot to kill or admit and recruit?
Finally, a real one!
Subject:Jersey Devil
  Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 11:42:54
  From: "Bruno, Catherine D (Cathie)" 


I saw your interest of the Jersey Devil and thought I'd let you know that on 
the morning of December 2, 1995, while driving home from Atlantic City, I saw 
the Jersey Devil!

It was around 3:20AM (Sunday morning) and my aunt and myself were around Bass 
River when I thought there was a deer in the road about 100 ft. ahead.  I 
slowed the car and continued.  When we were within 50 feet, I realized the 
"deer" was not moving so I continued to slow down.  That was when my aunt 
asked why I was slowing down.  I told her I thought there was a "deer" in the 
road and it wasn't moving.  I continued and had to bring the car to a complete
stop because there was this thing in front of the car and it wasn't moving. 

I didn't know what it was but it looked like a kangaroo-shaped body.  I asked 
my aunt what the f--- was that and she said she didn't know but looked like a 
kangaroo.  All the way home I tried to figure out what this thing was.  Every 
part of it's body was different.  It was all one color - sort of beige - 
covered with fine hair (like cat fur).  It was about 4 - 5 feet tall and very 
sad looking.  

I woke up about 9AM and was telling my husband what we saw.  My daughter heard
me from her bedroom and came running down the hall asking me all questions to 
which I was answering yes.  When she told me it was the Jersey Devil I laughed
because I always thought it was only folklore, but then she wanted to know 
then what was it.  I drew a picture of what I saw because she told me she 
would bring me a library book home with pictures and I didn't want to point 
out something and say yes, that is what I saw, so I drew what I saw the best I
could.  Sure enough, the next day she brought home the book and there was the 
picture!!!  I wasn't frightened by what I saw because I didn't know what it 

On Monday, December 3, I called the Bass River State Trooper Barracks gave 
my name because I didn't want him to think this was a crank call and told the 
trooper who answered the phone what I saw.  I asked if anyone else reported 
anything like that.  He told me he didn't know what I was talking about.  When
I asked him if he knew of the Jersey Devil, he told me that they beat the 
Rangers 3 - 2.  I told him I didn't think that was very funny. He hund up.

I have been to AC at least 40 to 50 times since then and look for the Jersey 
Devil every time.  I am beginning to think this is a once in a lifetime 
happening.  I will never forget this experience and I still look forward to 
the next time.

Cathie, you can't report the Jersey Devil to the State Troopers! Didn't you read the first issue?! But seriously, the first thing you should do after sighting the monster is report directly to me. I am working with state and local authorities on the "ultimate" Jersey Devil capture program. When fully implenented, not only do we expect to capture the monster, but we expect to have full, world-wide rights secured and bookings on the Tonight Show and Regis and Kathie Lee.

Frank's gone a-huntin'
Subject: compliment and request
  Date:  Wed, 5 Mar 1997 15:02:17 -0500 (EST)
  From: (Frank Lewis)

I came across your web site today and I have to tell you, it's one of the most thorough and entertaining I've seen on any topic - not to mention the best I've found so far on the Jersey Devil. Nice work.

I'm a reporter for City Paper, a weekly in Philadelphia. I was wondering if you could help me get the word out that I'm looking for folks who actively research - and plain old search for - the Jersey Devil. Serious searchers are prefered, but "hobbyists" and anyone who's in it mostly as a goof would be acceptable as well.

Frank Lewis (

A hunt for the Jersey Devil? Hmmm, sounds an awful lot like issue #3. If anyone out there is interested in going on the hunt, Frank says to email him. He'll be doing an article in the City Paper about the Jersey Devil. Hell, I'll probably go, as long as I don't have to get up before noon.

Frank's article appeared in the Philadelphia City paper during the week right before Halloween 1997. It was very thorough, even though the hunt didn't go as planned.

Bob McLeod, formerly of Holmdel, NJ writes:

i just found your page which recounts the many versions of the Jersey Devil tale, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.

I grew up in New Jersey, and belonged to a Boy Scout Troop that camped monthly in remote parts of the Pine Barrens. Our Scoutmaster claimed to be a scholar of the Jersey Devil, and he did tell a wicked campfire story. I remember one campout particularly well. We hiked about 5 miles into our site, and set up camp long after dark. Late that night, after Tom told several of his better Jersey Devil Stories, he made every boy an offer. He would give $100.00 to anyone who would hike back to his car, and bring back his registration to prove that they had actually followed through. Now, being an older and less gullable scout, I was not really scared of the Jersey Devil. I was, however, a little scared of the Jersey Devil, and VERY scared that he was going to follow me into the woods, and track and haunt me the entire way! As good as that $100.00 sounded, none of us took him up on the offer.

I think that over the years, I have heard most of the versions that you included in your Web Page. I have heard many other versions too, but I will not share them with you, as I am quite sure that they were made up by my Scoutmaster in order to scare the daylights out of his scouts. On several occasions, he would "arrange" for us to hear the Jersey Devil at night, or even find carcases that the Jersey Devil had left behind (Looking back on this, they were probably roadkills.)

The reason that I am looking into this issue today, so many years later, is that I now have a Den of Cub Scouts of my own. Tonite, we are doing a unit on Folklore, and I wanted to share with them the story of a fiend that haunted me as a kid. I will probably get calls from angry parents tonite when their kids can not get to sleep.

Anyway, I came to the Web looking for the story of the Jersey Devil, and that is exactly what I found on your page. Thanks.


The Cub Scout Meeting went well last night, but I had to stop telling the Jersey Devil story prematurely because two of the Cubs were freaking out ( I guess they are still pretty young and gullable. ) I will wait until the first time we go camping, and then I will tell them the whole story, probably with all of the usual embellishments. Then, I won't worry about angry calls from parents.

What kind of scouts are you making Bob? Why in my day we killed bears with our bowie knives, hiked 8 days a week in the snow, uphill and backwards!

From: David J. Jones

Hey Fix!

I need a Fix!

I'm a big Jersey Devil fan...I've been researching and chasing down every mention of the creature since as long as I can remember. And I'm just about pissing my pants with excitement over your page. But I need your help--none of the graphics are loading. I'm using IE 3.0 (and yes, I'm set to display graphics) and I'm not getting anything.

On another note, do you guys have directions to the ruins of the Leeds house in Leeds' Point? I've been there three or four times looking for the thing, based on various directions, but never found it.

Also, are you aware of any pictures that are alleged to be actual photos of the creature? I heard of one, along with a B-movie, back in the late 70's and have never found the photo or the B-movie. Any insights?

I see that you DO know about the Jersey Devil movie.

Any chance you could give me the exact title and in idea of where I can get my hands on a copy?

Dave Jones

When it comes to computers, you're asking the wrong guy. I use Netscape Navigator. I'm not sure what IE 3.0 is. My friend loads all my graphics on his server at work, so the pictures won't load when his network goes down. Try accessing the page on a different day.

I hear finding the old Leeds house is difficult at best. The actual house was torn down and the only thing left is the foundation. Rumor has it that while it was up a rocking chair sat on the porch and rocked all buy itself. I also hear of the "Jersey Devil Throne", a huge stump cut into a chair that's in the area back there. But, you need a guide or a 4-wheel drive and lots of patience. The roads back there are pretty hard to see. You'll never find it in the actual town of Leeds point, its back in the swamp in the middle of nowhere.

The movie I saw was a pseudo-documentary they showed all the kids in the schools of New Jersey. It was made in the 70's, but there was not actual footage. (All very unconvincing dramatizations.) One of these days, I'll have to go to the library and see if they still have the movie on video.

Did not hear of the B-movie either. The only "actual" photos of the Devil were probably taken after that fire in the 50's when authorities claimed the Jersey Devil had finally died in a fire and displayed his burnt, featherly remains to the public.


My sister claims my cousin had a postcard back in the seventies with a photo of JD on it, but I never saw it, never heard of anyone else who's seen it, and she's lost it. Friend of a friend story, you know?

I remember back in what must have been 1978-1980 sometime I was vacationing in Ship Bottom (I was young at the time) and there was a B-movie playing on the Jersey Devil. In fact, my other cousin had just seen the movie and was telling me the legend, and that's how I first heard of the Jersey Devil. I've never seen or heard of the movie since.

This picture of the burnt Devil you you have a copy? I'd like to see it if you do, and I'll gladly pay any costs (scanning, mail, duplication, whatever) you might incur.

Here's a few I noticed missing from your bibliography page:

The Encyclopedia Of Monsters
by Daniel Cohen.
Dodd, Mead, and Co. 1982.

This one has three or four pages on the Jersey Devil, a pretty basic rehash of the McCloy and Miller book.

The Pine Barrens
by John Mc Phee

I don't own a copy of this one. It features a chapter on the JD.

The Pines
by Robert Dunbar
Leisure Books, 1989.

This was a novel written by a local guy. Back when the book was in the stores, he did a number of speaking appearances, but I haven't heard anything about him in a while. Maybe he'll turn up somewhere with Halloween coming on. I haven't read the book in five years, but from what I remember the protagonist is part of an ambulance crew and she's got this retarded child who's somehow mentally linked to the Jersey Devil, who is in fact some Piney shapeshifter. Whatever. It was written very well, but way too heavy on the atmosphere, and I found it hard to identify with or give a shit about the characters, who were all Pineys and deformed or retarded in some way. I'm sure it's out of print now, but up until about two years ago you could find it tucked away in the horror section at all the local bookstores. I got mine from Bump In The Night Books downtown.

Also, all the new X-Files books coming out feature a chapter on the Jersey Devil because of the episode (which, alas, I have never seen).

--Dave Jones

Damn if I can remember where I saw that picture. I thought it was in the McCloy/Miller book, but I just looked and its not. Never heard of the B-movie and I must've missed these books. Thanks much for the info. And tell Mike Nesmith I really like his hat.

12/30/96 email, blatant ass kissing

Hello JD guys. I met you at the Wildwodd convention center in August. You told me to buy JD and get it signed, so I figued what the hell. I started reading it whe I got back to my hotel and I was blow away. The story was awesome and the art was great too. I can't wait until Febuary when 2 comes out. I was frantically asking aound to find a store near me that cariied it, and I found 3 which is great. Keep it up guys.

Mike McCann

Thanks Mike. We'll be updating the list of stores on this website in February. Why can't the rest of you be like Mike?

This email was received on 1/7/97 , I 'm like this school teacher in Jersey City, NJ. Every once in awhile, I get strange tendencies and teach something a little different. I was brought up by my mom, a history teacher and every vacation was to some historical place in NJ...and other states too. About 11 years ago, in my first year of teaching, I mentioned the Jersey Devil during a class. I was very shocked to see that none of my students knew what I was talking about. I searched high and low that year to find some in fino er...information (sorry, can't correct typos on this thing) on the devil and could only find a little at a small gift shop in Smithville. Since then, I lost the info in a flood and the shop, like most of Smithville, is long gone. I wanted to teach it again and figured I would give the web a chance. sum this all up.....Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have everything I could ever want on the Jersey Devil now...well, except a picture :) Greatfully yours, Sue a.k.a.Mags- (undernet) P.S....I may have screwed up this whole letter thingy...sorry...werkin with lame puter :(

Glad you found the site informative. Contrary to published reports, Smithville is still alive and kicking. Unfortunately, a local paper reported the entire town shut down because the Smithville Inn (the center of the town) shut down when its owner unexpectedly died. Although many of the shops have closed as a result, last Summer of '96, you could still visit Jersey Devil Dogs (hot dog stand) and the country kitchen, which sold Jersey Devil T-shirts, postcards, books and Jersey Devil Chilli Fixin's.

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