White Stage Rising

Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #12
32 pages, b&w, $1.75 (digest sized)

Tony DiGerolamo

Ken Haeser

Peter A. DeLuca, Ken Haeser & James Dunn

Cover Enhancements:
Kevin Daily

 m m

Distribution: SJRP

First shipped: December 2000

First Appearances: Benjamin Oceanseeker, Carl Oceanseeker, General Custer, Father Breeze (Sweetcakes returns!), Wooden Jesus, the White Stag, the Walam Olum, Beardo, Agent Flack

Issue quirks: none

Issue Events: Lead in to Jersey Devil #13.

Issue Synopsis: After escaping Judas, who had been possessed by Nate the ghost pirate, J.D. runs into Sweetcakes, the biker from issue #8. He's now a priest known as Father Breeze. The twosome end up meeting Benjamin Oceanseeker, the narrator from issue #11. He sets J.D. on a path to his destiny; guardian to an ancient Indian book known as the Walam Olum.
However, Amazing Jerry and Peg Misery are hot on J.D.'s trail. But, if J.D. can make it back to New Jersey, Jerry cannot follow him despite his great power. Can J.D. make it across the Delaware in time?


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