Devil May Care

Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #3
32 pages, b&w, $2.25

Tony DiGerolamo

Dom LaGrutta,Jr.
(pages 1-32)
Tom Hodges (cover)

Donn Smith

Kevin Daily

 m m


Distribution: Previews (April '97), SyCo
First shipped: June '97

First Appearances: Judas Reed, cameos by Mark Mammon (aka: Fix) and Mindy Ballente

Issue quirks: SJR returned to its original printer, who subsequently printed the inside covers in the wrong order.

Issue Events: Who is J.D.? contest announced, Dr. Tollar arrested as the Jersey Devil, Vern returns, Jersey Devil media circus sends people to the Pine Barrens, Hayworth examines Judas Reed file, J.D. escapes to Atlantic City, Nate returns, J.D. confronts mayor, FBI and California Syndicate confronts J.D., Ferro and Cory return, Encino blown up, Ichi kills Brack and reveals she's not working for FBI, J.D. steals Fix's boat, Fix reveals it belongs to his friend, Ichi revealed to have treasure map, Burbank and Del Rey hire mercenaries to kill J.D., color back cover by Dom LaGrutta, Jr.

Issue Synopsis: J.D. and Arthur escape Camden in a casino bus. Dr. Tollar is arrested as the Jersey Devil. Vern, who has been suspended because of the events in issue #1, returns to get his gun and hunt J.D. Vern confronts him and the two of them, along with Hayworth, try to figure out J.D.'s identity. Nate returns and tells J.D. that the media circus is causing people to go into the Pine Barrens. J.D. is furious, but Nate convinces him to go to Atlantic City, the place where the tourist busses are coming from. Hayworth recounts the story of Judas Reed. J.D. confronts a bus information worker and leaves Arthur in a bus station locker. Jersey Devil Hunters in the Pine Barrens begin shooting each other. J.D. threatens the mayor, but discovers he is not responsible for the tourists. Ichi and her agents arrive, taking responsibility. The California Syndicate help J.D. escape, then attempt to take him back to Burbank. J.D. causes their car to crash and says, "Joey Benzine is dead!" In the Pine Barrens, it seems as Nate is pushing the punks to beat up people. Arthur escapes the bus locker, while J.D. runs from the police and the California Syndicate. J.D. ends up blowing up Encino. Ichi and Brack nearly catch J.D. on the bridge out of Atlantic City, but end up crash. J.D. jumps into the water, then steals a boat from two vacationers (Fix and Mindy). Ichi kills Brack and vows to get J.D. Burbank and Del Rey hire mercenaries to hunt down J.D.


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