The Robin Hood of the Pines
Part II

Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #6
48 pages, b&w, $2.95
(although it says
$2.25 on the cover)

Tony DiGerolamo

Dom LaGrutta,Jr.
(pages 1-39,
back up story, and cover pencils)

Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim, Donn Smith &
Dom LaGrutta,Jr.

Kevin Daily

 mm  m

Distribution: Previews (April '98), SyCo

First shipped: June 1998

First Appearances: Fagan's ghost and several supporting characters. Akil and some of the hip-hop, cowboy gang members make at cameo at the end, which previews issue #8. First back up story, "The Soda Break".

Issue quirks: Wrong cover price on cover, Jersey Devil Movie Casting Call, 3 page back up story, probably the last 48 page issue for a while.

Issue Events: Pin up contest winners revealed.

Issue Synopsis: Concludes the story of Joe Mulliner, the Refugees and their ghosts. In flashback, Mulliner's ghost tells how he could not see the end of the Revolutionary War. He disrupts a wedding between a young bride and his old army seargeant. The Refugees plan a robbery, but Fagan betrays them. Alan-a-dale is killed, Joe and Refugees are tried and executed. Later, Fagan runs amok and is also hung. Year later, Madeline dies and all the Refugees are reunited as ghosts. Hundreds of years later, Madeline's ashes are dug up. The ashes force Madeline's ghost to move with them. She is moved into a bar where Fagan's ghost has been residing for hundreds of years. Joe and the Refugees cannot save her, but J.D. can. J.D. goes into the bar, steals the vase containing the ashes and runs. Fagan's ghost animates Fagan's skeleton, which fights J.D. for the vase. J.D. breaks the vase and scatters the ashes in the Pine Barrens, freeing Madeline's ghost. J.D. kicks Fagan's skull into the sewer, causing his ghost to fade. In the end, J.D. wants to stay with the Refugees, but Nate, the Headless Ghost Pirate, prevents this by using his evil influence. In a two page preview of issue #7, we flash forward to present time. J.D. enters the very dangerous neighborhood of New Jersey Heights (a suburb of Washington D.C.), where he is confronted by angry drug dealers.


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