Lookin' at Comics

by Tony DiGerolamo

As an addendum to my regular comics review column that runs in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, here is a list of all the comics I've reviewed and the contact information you need to (hopefully) get yourself a copy of whatever I've reviewed. If you have any further questions about a comic, feel free to email me.

GFP means "Game Fodder Potential". It is not a rating of the quality of the comic, but how much gaming stuff you might squeeze out of it in a similar genre RPG.


KODT #162 April 2010
Furlough Issue One from Breanne Boland, GFP=4
Creator's Edge Preview from Creators Edge, GFP=6
Jack Burton Adventures Issue #1 from Crank Left, GFP=1
The Elves of Iax #1 Finding Lorgo from Jeremy Kayes, GFP=8
Papyrus #1 from Studio Splurd, GFP=5
Here There Be Robots #2 from Gregory Brothers, GFP=10
Rufus the Black Cat from Saab Lofton, GFP=8
The Rumpus

KODT #161 March 2010
Victorian Undead #4 from Wildstorm, GFP=8
Tales of the Pet Avengers #1 from Marvel, GFP=9
Red Hulk #2 from Marvel, GFP=1
Gotham City Sirens #9 from DC Comics, GFP=6
Army of Two #2 from EA Comics, GFP=2
Muppet King Arthur #2 from Boom! Studios, GFP=4
Clockwork Island, GFP=4
The Horrible Tales of Arthur Katz, GFP=4
Roll for Iniative, GFP=4

KODT #160 February 2010
Legends: The Enchanted #0 from Radical Comics, GFP=10
God Complex #3 from Image Comics, GFP=7
Greek Street #8 from Vertigo, GFP=6
Cable #23 from Marvel, GFP=3
Echo #19 from Abstract Studios, GFP=5
Existence 3.0 #2 from Image, GFP=6 or 8
Tank Girl: Skidmarks #3 of 4 from Titan Books, GFP=8

KODT #159 January 2010
8 1/2 by Eleven
Bassist Wanted
Hank Watches Television
Paul Reveres
Sudden Valley
Anhedonia Blue

KODT #158 December 2009 Batman Unseen #5 of 5 from DC Comics, GFP=7
Starr the Slayer #4 of 4 from Max Comics, GFP=2
Siege: The Cabal #1 from Marvel Comics, GFP=5
JSA All-Stars #1 from DC Comics, GFP=1
Dr. Horrible #1 from Dark Horse Comics, GFP=3
Empowered from Dark Horse Comics, GFP=9
Absolution #4 from Avatar, GFP=9

8 1/2 by Eleven
Bassist Wanted
Hank Watches Television
Paul Reveres
Sudden Valley
Anhedonia Blue

KODT #157 November 2009
The Last Days of American Crime Preview from Radical Comics, GFP=6
Hector Plasm one-shot from Image Comics, GFP=7
Spartacus #1 from Devil's Due, GFP=7
Die Hard: Year One #2 from Boom! Studios, GFP=5
Days Missing #3 of 5 from Archaia, GFP=4
Punisher (Dark Reign, one-shot) from Marvel Comics, GFP=2
Ambush Bug #7 of 6 from DC Comics, GFP=0
The Fifth Stone

KODT #156 October 2009
The Incredible Hercules #135 from Marvel Comics, GFP=8
Wasteland #26 from Oni Press, GFP=7
Spider-Woman #1 from Marvel Comics, GFP=6
The Web #1 from DC Comics, GFP=2
No Hero #7 from Avatar, GFP=7
The Secret Six #3 from DC Comics
The Zombies That Ate the World #5 fo 8 from DDP, GFP=4
Buck Rogers #4 from Dynamite Entertainment, GFP 7
Octopus Pie

KODT #155 September 2009
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly #3 from Dynamite Entertainment, GFP=9
The Savage Dragon #152 from Image, GFP=7
The Invincible Iron Man #17 from Marvel Comics, GFP=2
The Mighty #8 from DC Comics, GFP=3
Witchfinder #3 of 5 from Dark Horse Comics, GFP=8
Irredeemable #6 from Boom! Studios, GFP=8
From the Ashes #4 from IDW, GFP=10
Northlanders #20 from Vertigo, GFP=7
Josh and Imp

KODT #154 August 2009
chillin's #1 from Moonstone, GFP=4
Vindication #1 from HB Comics, GFP=5
Guilty Conscience from Albatross Entertainment, GFP=1
Disposable Razors Sneak Preview from Unshaven Comics, GFP=6
The Adventures of Carl #1 Vol. 2 from Boomtown Press, GFP=9
Johnny Recon #1 from Popgun Pulp, GFP=8
Demonwolf #1 from Elevenstone Studios, GFP=7
The Dark Traveler #1 of 4 from PGC Comics, GFP=1
Sign Post on the Left #1 from 01comics.com, GFP=3
Stealing the Night #3 from 01comics.com, GFP=3

KODT #153 July 2009
Dead Irons #4 from Dynamite Entertainment, GFP=5
Batman and Robin #1 from DC Comcis, GFP=3
Ignition City #1 from Avatar, GFP is 10
Werewolves on the Moon vs. Vampires #1 of 3 from Dark Horse, GFP=7
The Muppet Show #3 from Boom! Studios, GFP=1 or 10
The Incredibles #1 from Boom! Studios, GFP=6
Chew #1 from Image Comics, GFP=9
Least I Could Do

KODT #152 June 2009
Faces of Evil: Kobra 1-shot from DC Comics, GFP=3
NASCAR Heroes #1 from Nascar Comics, GFP=1
Resistance #2 from Wildstorm, GFP=0
Reign in Hell #7 of 8 from DC Comics, GFP=4
Ender's Shadow #2 from Marvel, GFP=7
Skaar: Son of Hulk #7 from Marvel, GFP=8
Weird Thrills #1 from powerpop comics, GFP=6
Glamourpuss #5 from Aardvark-Vanaheim, GFP=5
Liquid Medication

KODT #151 May 2009
Jewish Memoir Goes Pow! Zap! Oy! from Miriam Libicki, GFP=1
Pope & Pig #3 from Load Wolrd Comics, GFP=4
Mastorism #3 from Mathew Grant and Jeff Blanchard
Behind the Hero #1 from Super Searnold, GFP=9
Crimelords #0 from Integrity Comics, GFP=2
The Continuum #1 from ECV Press, GFP=4
The Man Who Loved Breasts from Top Shelf, GFP=5

KODT #150 April 2009
Alcatraz High #3 from Bobby Rubio, GFP=9
Dent #9, GFP=5
Little Kori in Komaland from ECV Press, GFP=7
Man Fighting Street #1, GFP=4
Holmes #1 from O-P-P, GFP=4
Ignis Abscondia #3 from D.A.P, GFP=7
Toxic Funnies #1 from No Cash Comics, GFP=4
The Two Percent Solution #1 from Singletary, Murphy & Hobson, GFP=7 Cubs Comics

KODT #149 March 2009
Faces of Evil: Kobra 1-shot from DC Comics GFP=3
Nascar Heroes #1 from Nascar Comics GFP=1
Resistance #2 from Wildstorm GFP=0
Reing in Hell #7 from DC Comics GFP=4
Enders Shadow #2 from Marvel GFP=7
Skaar: Son of Hulk #7 from Marvel GFP=8
Weird Thrills #1 from powerpop comics GFP=6
glamourpuss #5 from Aardvark-Vanaheim GFP=5
Liquid Medication GFP=2

KODT #148 February 2009

Soapbox: 2009: The End of Comics?: No reviews. Here's a quote from the article:
"But how many more times can fans weather crossover claims like: Batman is going to die, Captain America is going to die, Superman is going to die, Phoenix is going to die, and the Marvel and/or DC Universe will never be the same?"

KODT #147 January 2009
The Dreamland Chronicles GFP=6
Rod & Barry GFP=4
Questionable Content GFP=2
Hell Hotel GFP=7
Flipside GFP=8
Holy Bibble GFP=5 or 10
Dinosaur Comics
Penny Arcade
White Ninja
Over Compensating
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Rick the Stick
Hijinks Ensue
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Simulated Comic Product
Diesel Sweeties
Cyanide and Happiness
Something Positive
Cat and Girl
Red Meat
Fredo & Pid'Jin
Girl Genius
Sluggy Freelance
The Devil's Panties
A Softer World
Union of Heroes
Freak Angels
Zombie Hunters
Order of the Stick
Partially Clips
This Modern World
Looking for Group
Earth Song

KODT #146 December 2008

Braindead Comics Presents... #0 from Braindead Comics GFP=5
Ninja Garden #2 from Red Ninja Productions GFP=7
Conform Book One from Zach Gardner GFP=1
Cheap Shot from Enemy Transmission GFP=6
Bramble Vine Comics #2 from Bramble Vine Comics GFP=4
Wild Planet #2 from Arrow Comics GFP=10
Fair-Haired Adventure Seekers and Other Such Nonsense from Kevin Bolk GFP=1
A Moment of Clarity: Vol 2: Candynomics from John Bintz GFP=1
Duck and Cover Studios Preview from Duck and Cover Studios GFP=7
Hermit Hill GFP=4 or 6

KODT #145 November 2008

Pix: Teenage American Fairy: Chapter 2 from Hatter Entertainment GFP=5
The Pharoh's Charm from Blueprint Comics (Baltimore, MD) GFP=7
Cockers: Ultimo Tales #2 from AOP GFP=4/7
Eve: Vampire Diva #4 from Arcana GFP=5
Cookies from Midnight Horizon Games GFP=3
Mayhem #3 from Red Wolf GFP=6
Holiday #7 from Saddle Tramp Press GFP=10
Business Casual GFP=1 or 10

KODT #144 October 2008

The Frog Prince from Strawberry Comics 1905 Tree Corners Pkwy, Norcross, GA 30092 GFP=2 or 4
Demon's Regret #1-2 from Digital Webbing GFP=8
Frog Skin Boots Convention Special GFP=1
Cru the Dwarf GFP=7
Faux Paus from R&M Creative Endeavors GFP=5
Starslip Crisis GFP=10
Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer GFP=10

KODT #143 September 2008

Freak Central #1 from Bad Monkey Brain Studios GFP=8
The Wang from Squidworks GFP=4
Brandon's Little Problem #4 from Imaginary Tales Comics GFP=5
Razor Kid #2 from Ronin Studios GFP=7
Cyber Nation #1-3 from Broken Lance GFP=1
Defending Tavyr #0 from Shawn M. Crorliss GFP=10
Freak Angels GFP=8

KODT #142 August 2008

Foxwood Falcons #1 of 3 from After Hours Press (GFP=8)
Playlist from Fat Kid Comics (GFP=4)
Lost #3 of 4 from Darth Jayder Comics 1875 Church Rd. Aurora, Il 60505 (GFP=2)
Soul Binder #1 from DG Studios (GFP=7)
Pretensiousrecordstoryguy #1 from Carlos Gabriel Ruiz (GFP=6)
Situation Tragedy from Satyr Play (GFP=10)
Parade of Freaks

KODT #141 July 2008

Mortem Brand #1 and Fall in the Bamboo Grove from One Shot Productions (GFP=8 for both)
Awakening #3 of 10 and Killing Pickman #2 of 6 from Archaia Studios Press (GFP= 2 and 5)
Comic Book Comics #1 from Evil Twin Comics (GFP=7)
No One #1 (GFP=3)
Cyber Ant #1 from Cybernetik Homicide Comix (GFP=5)
Newbound Presents the Anthology from Enclave Media (GFP=7)
Skull Pen #1 from in abentia press (GFP=2)
Lazerman #1 from HB Comics (GFP=6)
Unhappy Gran'ma #1 from Radbu Productions (GFP=5)
No Point Comics (GFP=7)
In the Puddle

KODT #140 June 2008

Rasl #1 from Cartoon Books (GFP=7+)
No Mere Mortal from Brendan Colgan (GFP=8)
Americans UK from Americans UK (GFP 6 or 9)
General Jack and the Vampire Men of Kothos #2 from General Jack Cosmo Productions (GFP=9)
Growing Up Comic #1 from Daydream Comics (GFP=1)
A Ninja Named Stan from Pan Comics (GFP=2)
Azteca: The Fall of an Emperor #1 from Mederos Studio Designs (GFP=5)
Bronx Heroes #1 from Creative Comics (GFP=7)
A People's History of American Empire from Metropolitan Books (GFP=10)

KODT #139 May 2008

Alex Robinson's Lower Region from Top Shelp (GFP=8)
High Noon Presents Volume 35 from High Noon (GFP=7)
Gumby Collected #1 from Wildcard Ink (GFP=8)
Books with Pictures #6 from Hi Dee Ho Comics (GFP=1)
Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #3 of 6 from ASP Comics (GFP=8)
Lucky Volume Two #1 from Drawn and Quarterly (GFP=1)
Crickets #1 from Drawn and Quarterly (GFP=0)

KODT #138 April 2008

Scud: The Disposable Assassin #21 (1 of 4) from Image (GFP=7)
Dead of Night #1 from Marvel (GFP=3)
Simon Dark #5 from DC Comics (GFP=1 or 5)
The Sword #5 from Image (GFP=10)
Superman #673 from DC Comics (GFP=4)
The Amazing Spiderman #550 from Marvel (GFP=5)
E.Race #2 and C.I.D. #2 fom SMP Comics (GFP=7)
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash #4 of 6 from Wildstorm and Dynamite Entertainment (GFP=4)
Cyanide and Happiness

KODT #137 March 2008

Black Summer: Issue Alpha from Avatar (GFP=8)
The Programme #7 from Wildstorm (GFP=5)
Booster Gold #6 from DC Comics (GFP=3)
Atomic Robo #4 of 6 from Red 5 Comics (GFP=5)
Hulk #1 from Marvel Comics (GFP=2)
Seventy Six #1 from Image Comics (GFP=9)
Graveslinger #3 from Image Comics (GFP=8)
Boneyard #27 from NBM (GFP=7)
The Draconia Chronicles

KODT #136 February 2008

Gen13 #15 from Wildstorm (GFP=1)
Loveless #21 from Vertigo (GFP=6)
The Pirates of Coney Island #6 of 8 from Image Comics (GFP=7)
Bat Lash #1 from DC Comics (GFP=10 or 4)
Living with the Dead #3 of 3 from Dark Horse Comics (GFP=5)
Streets of Glory #3 from Avatar (GFP=10)
Nova #9 from Marvel Comics (GFP=10)
What the Duck

KODT #135 January 2008

Groo: Hell on Earth #2 of 4 from Dark Horse Comics (GFP=9)
The Scream #1 from Dark Horse Comics (GFP=5)
Cavewoman: Pangaean Sea #10 from Basement Studios, PO Box 1024 Murrieta, CA 92564 (GFP=7)
What If...Annihiliation Reached Earth? #1 from Marvel Comics (GFP=1)
Shadowpact #19 from DC Comics (GFP=2)
The Lone Ranger #10 is from Dynamite Entertainment (GFP=7)
Drafted #3 is from DDP (GFP=8)
Superman #9 is from DC Comics (GFP=8)
Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles (GFP=0)

KODT #134 December 2007
Elf Only Inn (GFP=4 or 5)
Gunnerkrigg Court (GFP of 6 or 8)
Bruno the Bandit (GFP of 6 or 7)
The Gods of Arr-Kelaan (GFP=10)
Looking for Group (GFP=8)
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire (GFP=7)
Minus (GFP=3)
Erfworld: The Battle for Gobwin Knob (GFP=6 or 7)

KODT #133 November 2007
Return of the Super Pimps #1 from Dial "C" for Comics (GFP=5 or 10)
Captain America and Deadpool #45 from Marvel Comics (GFP=4 or 6)
Cartoon Network Block Party #37 is from DC Comics (GFP=4)
Speak of the Devil #2 of 6 from Dark Horse Comics (GFP=1)
Xombie Reanimated #4 from DDP (GFP=6)
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #1 of 8 from DC Comics (GFP=2 or 3)
Demons of Mercy #1 from Maxum Games and Marvel Comics (GFP=0)
Potter's Field #1 of 3 is from Boom! Studios (GFP=8)
Jigsaw Junction

KODT #132 October 2007 (posted online)
Owly: Helping Hands from Top Shelf Productions (GFP=1 to 3)
Tabloia #576 from Salt Peter Press (GFP=4)
Sorrow #1 of 4 from Image Comics (GFP=5)
Mystery Manor Haunted Theater #3 from Silver Phoenix Entertainment (GFP=2)
Kabuki #8 from Icon (GFP=0)
O.C.T. Occult Crimes Taskforce #4 from Image Comics(GFP=10)
The Mice Templar #1 from Image Comics (GFP=8)
Where the Buffalo Roam (GFP=3 or 10)

KODT #131 September 2007
Snake Woman #2 from Virgin Comics (GFP=6)
Thor #2 from Marvel Comics (GFP= 7)
Scapled #8 from Vertigo (GFP=5)
Star Trek: Klingons #4 from IDW (GFP=3)
Antman #11 from Marvel Comics (GFP=4)
Midnighter #10 from Wildstorm (GFP=5)
When I was King (GFP=2)
Air Force Blues (GFP=4)

KODT #130 August 2007
Cluster F**K Volume 1 from Merger Studios (GFP=5)
Super Psyche #1 from Sigma Theta Productions (GFP=7)
Freny #0 from Box Social Press (GFP=4)
Grafenveer #2 of 4 from Smash Comics (GFP=10)
Spritescape (GFP=6)
Rogues of Clywyd-Rhan (GFP=10)
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (GFP=9)

KODT #129 July 2007
Spawn Godslayer from Image Comics (GFP=3)
Hellboy: Darkness Calls #2 of 6 from Dark Horse (GFP=5)
Shaolin Cowboy #7 from Burly Man Entertainment (GFP=9)
The Ride: Die Valkyrie #1 from Image Comics (GFP=6)
Chucky #2 from Devil's Due Publishing (GFP=6)
Wrath of the Titans from Blue Water Productions
This Modern World

KODT #128 June 2007
Outsiders Annual #1 from DC Comics (GFP=6)
Red Menace #6 of 6 from Wildstorm (GFP=7)
Moon Knight #9 from Marvel Comics (GFP=1)
Dave Stewart's Walk #5 from Virgin Comics (GFP=0)
The Punisher presents Barracuda #3 of 5 from DC Comics (GFP=8)
Fallen Son from Marvel
Unique #2 of 3 from Image Comics
Wisdom #5 of 6 from Marvel
Dork Tower #36 from Dork Storm Comics
Platinum Grit

KODT #127 May 2007
Conan #38 from Dark Horse (GFP=6)
The Walking Dead from Image Comics (GFP=8)
Tarot #43 from Broadsword Comics (GFP=7)
Darkman vs. Army of Darkness #4 from Dynamite Entertainment (GFP=5)
The Spirit #1 from DC Comics (GFP=3)
Witchblade Takeru Manga #2 from Top Cow
Civil War: The Initiative #1 from Marvel Comics
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

KODT #126 April 2007
Journey Into History: Isle of Demons (GFP=5)
Money Amazing: The Tragic Vampire Homeboy (GFP=7)
The Book of Jesse Vol. 1 (GFP=8)
American Wasteland #1 of 4 (GFP=8)
Brielle and the Horror #1 (GFP=6)
The Fat Squad

KODT #125 March 2007
The Webcomic List
The Bastard Swordsman (GFP=9)
The Perry Bible Fellowship (GFP=2)
Top Webcomics
The Noob (GFP=7)
Something About Computer (GFP=3)
319 Dark Street (GFP=6)
The Devil's Panties (GFP=5)
MAD about U (GFP=4)
Knights of the Shroud (GFP=8)
24 1/2 Water Street (GFP=1)

KODT #124 February 2007
Batman #661 from DC Comics (GFP=6)
Blue Beetle #10 from DC Comics (GFP=3)
American Virgin #10 from Vertigo(GFP=0)
Nightmare on Elm Street #4 from Wildstorm (GFP=5)
Spiderman/Power Pack #3 of 4 from Marvel Comics (GFP=4)
The Boys #6 from Wildstorm(GFP=7)
Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters from Marvel's Icon (GFP=10)
Scarface #1 from IDW (GFP=10)
Debt On

KODT #123 January 2007
Philadelphia Cartoonists Society
Super Nova from www.Krisbp.com (GFP=1 or 6)
Badass Volume Four from Comicidal (GFP=4)
Petey from Baboon Books(GFP=5)
Cloverleaf from Baboon Books(GFP=3)
Always Comix Dinner Time from Always Comix (GFP=0)
Sandstorm #1 from Newave Comics (GFP=9)
Oleander Kingdom (GFP=6)
Taking the Bi-Pass (GFP=1)
A Town Called Dobson (GFP=7)
Zoinks webcomics news site

KODT #122 December 2006
Red Prophet #3: Tales of Alvin Maker from Marvel Comics (GFP=2)
Superman Confidential #1 from DC Comics (GFP=4)
Family Guy: Books Don't Taste Very Good from Devil's Due Publishing(GFP=3)
The Incredible Hulk #100 from Marvel Comics (GFP=7)
Marvel Adventures #21 from Marvel Comics (GFP=3)
52 Week Twenty-Six from DC Comics (GFP=4)
Civil War from Marvel Comics (GFP=8)
Oh My Gods! (GFP=9)

KODT #121 November 2006
Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule #1 of 3 from Sky Dog (GFP=7)
Ninja Mouse from Section 8 Comics (GFP=2)
Lulu Creators #6 from Lulu (GFP=3)
Soulyard Newborn #1 from Jay Keeler and Nick Openlander (GFP=3)
Raccoon Mafia: Operation Jam War (GFP=2)
Archaic #3 from Fenickx Productions (GFP=10)
Kick ass comic number two, Syndication from BuyMeToys.com (GFP=10)
GU Comics (GFP=1)
Irregular Webcomic! (GFP=4)

KODT #120 October 2006
Flith #2 from Skumbag Comics
Touch of Death #1 from Brain Scan Studios
Convention Confessional Volume Two from Skatoon Productions
Shylock #2 from Ronin Studios
Operation Pajama Pants from Fake McCoy
The Swarm from Marvel
Spiderman and the Fantastic Four in Brain Drain from Marvel
Fuzzy Bunnies from Hell #4 from FYI Comics
Steam Crows

KODT #119 September 2006
Flight of the Penguins #0 from Geekocracy
Agreeable Comics sampler from Agreeable Comics
The Darkness #1 from Top Cow
The Oz Wonderland Chronicles #0 from BuyMeToys.com
Red Flags #1 from Red Flag Publishing
Nickelplate #1 from Silvertip Comics
Hero Envy

KODT #118 August 2006
Partially Clips
The Devil's Panties
Super Frat
Fragile Gravity
Sluggy Freelance
Order of the Stick
(reviewed) Donnie Bling-Bling Techno-Pimp/Revolutionary Warfare from A.G.E. Studios
Slayer #3 from Midnight Horizon Comics
Guardians #1 from HB Studios
Ruff & Tumble Part 6 from Bryan G. Brown
Hero Street #1 from Herostreet Press
Night #3 from Jester Press
Satstu Review from Satellite Studios

KODT #117 July 2006
Savior #0 from The Devil's Tongue
Koni Waves #1 from Arcana
Last Writes Issue Number One from Acronym Comics
Super Real #2 from Super Real Graphics
The Miscellaneous Adventures of Stykman #1 from AKA Comics
Shore Losers #4 from Jack Caprioni

KODT #116 June 2006
Teen Boat #6 from Cryptic Press
Bounty Killer #2 from Americanime Productions
The Comic Book Digest from Alias
Crozonia Issue 2 from Beach Studios
Dragon Firefly Island #1 from idiotGENIUS Comics
The Adventures of EBONYC #1 from Streetdreams Productions
Eclipse & Vega #1 thru 3 from SSS Comics
Internal Fury #4 is from Vexed Comics
The Imaginary World of Mr. Toast from Dan Goodsell

KODT #115 May 2006
Lunatic Fringe from 01comics.com
Shrugged from Aspen
The Sentry #8 of 8 from Marvel Comics
Frankenstein #4 of 4 from DC Comics
Doll and Creature #2 from Image
Midnight Kiss #1 from Markosia
Neil Lisst

KODT #114 April 2006
Haunted Mansion #1 from Slave Labor Graphics
Buckeroo Banzai Preview Edition from Moonstone
Grimm Fairy Tales #3 from Zenescope
Gory Lori #1 from Chanting Monks Press
Bulleteer #3 of 4 from DC Comics
The Exterminators #2 from Vertigo
Underworld #1 of 5 from Marvel Comics
The Accidental Centaurs

KODT #113 March 2006
Vampirella: Revelations #2 from Harris Comics
Desolation Jones Issue 5 from Wildstorm
Daughters of the Dragon #1 of 5 from Marvel
small gods #12 from Image
Star Wars: Republic #81 from Dark Horse
X-men 198 #1 from Marvel
Joe Loves Crappy Movies

KODT #112 February 2006
Superman: True Brit from DC Comics
Atomika #5 from Mercury Comics
Jingle Belle One-Shot from Dark Horse
Marvel Zombies #1 from Marvel Comics
Noble Causes #15 from Image Comics
Bad Planet #1 from Image Comics
Outsiders #31 from DC Comics
Hatter M #1 from Image Comics
Goblins: A Fantasy About Life Through Their Eyes

KODT #111 January 2006
Spaztic Colon is from Angry Drunk Graphics PO Box 179, Forked River, NJ 08731
Danger Girl #1 of 4 from Wildstorm
Dragonlance #6 from Devil's Due Publishing
Fortress Presents #1 from Fortress Publishing
Sonix X #3 from Archie Comics
Books of Doom #1 of 6 from Marvel Comics
Li'l Scamp #2 from Li'l Scamp Enterprises

KODT #110 December 2005
Streetfigher II #0 from UDON comics
Michael Turner's Fathom #4 from Aspen Comics
Usagi Yo Jimbo #88 from Dark Horse
The Book of Lost Souls #1 from Icon
Fear Agent #1 from Image Comics
The Hoojie Crew
Batman & Robin: The Boy Wonder #2 from DC Comics

KODT #109 November 2005
Hyperboy #1 is from Identity Comics 11609 Gunpowder Drive, Fort Washington, MD 20744
GI Spy Convention Special #1 is from Boom! Studios
Cedric the Dragon Slayer is from Outcast Studios
The Super Naturals 2005 Preview Books is from Jam Packed Productions
Toxic Shock Comics is from Toxic Shock Entertainment
Bomad 3 is from Rebecca Sugar
Sancho is from 20000 Leagues

KODT #108 October 2005
House of M #6 of 8 from Marvel Comics
Villians United #5 is from DC Comics
Mega City 909 #8 is from DDP
What Were They Thinking? #1 is from Boom Studios
The Iron Ghost #3 is from Image Comics
dark mists #1 is from AP Comics (Suite 3, 7 French Row St., Albans UK)
Fluff in Brooklyn

KODT #107 September 2005
Machine Teen #3 from Marvel Comics
The Hunger #1 from Speakeasy Comics
Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword #1 from Dynamite Entertainment
Doom Patrol #14 from DC Comics
Astro City: The Dark Age #2 from Wildstorm
The Tick: Days of Drama #0 from New England Comics
Order of the Stick!

KODT #106 August 2005
The Dada Detective and Chocolypse Now from www.likelystories.com
Magnet Man Mini-Comics #49 from ed 4 Time Press
Kitty Litter from Crab Grass Comix (PO Box 1782, York, SC 29745)
Terrifying & Terrific Tales #3 and Legends Issue #1 from Mastermind Productions and the Cronin Brothers and Ragnarok Productions and Chase Folmar
Distinguished Caveman 2 #1 from Consolidate Press
The Ultimate Danger Comics Collection from SSS Comics
Bust-a-Nut Komix #1 from Travis Hill

KODT #105 July 2005
Devil Don't Care from Atom Down Productions
Dark Fury from Webb Comics
Reverie #2 from Stumhaus
Crac-Kurz Super Special #1 from Candida Press
Heroes in Birmingham #1 from Best Friends Productions
Dracula vs. King Arthur from Silent Devil mentioned.
Adrenaline 2005 Convention Special from wave blue world
Path to Armageddon #0 from Ronin Studios
Grimjack: Killer Instinct #4 from IDW

KODT #104 June 2005
Noses Optional
Habachi's Girlfriend: Alliance Art 108 Mcvey Street, Sturgeon, PA 15082
Hate Your Friends #3: Space Monkey Comics 184 S. 17th Street Apt. #1, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Tao of Chaos: Soul Redemption: Studio Arts International
Lionxor and His Amazing Friends: Candida Press
Living with Zombies #1: Frightworld Studios PO Box 4338 Culver City, CA 90231
2048: A World Gone Mad #1: Working Class Zero
In His Likeness
Nightmare World #5: Golden Goat Studios
A Wave of Hope: G.Y.S.T. and Ricochet Graphics

KODT #103 May 2005
Alien Loves Predator: In New York No One Can Hear You Scream
The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve
Dragon Heir
Dungeon Crawl Inc.
Elf Life
Closet Gamers
Diesel Sweeties

KODT #102 April 2005 (featuring the Complete Mafia for d20 adventure)
Penny Arcade
Sluggy Freelance
Something Positive
Acid Keg
Soap on a Rope
Demonology 101
Stongbad Emails

KODT #101 March 2005
Iron Fist #5 from Marvel Comics
JSA Strange Adventures #5 from DC Comics
The Flash #217 from DC Comics
Justice League Elite #7 from DC Comics
Adam Strange #4 from DC Comics
Batgirl #59 from DC Comics
The Exiles #57 from Marvel Comics
The Spectacular Spiderman #23 from Marvel Comics
Firestorm #9 from DC Comics

KODT #100 February 2005
half-ass jig #5 & #9 from FTB Comics.
Renegades Preview Comics from San Diego Comicon 2002 and Dusk preview comic from Adversary Comix
Captain Clockwork Chronicles from Self Publishers Group
Moho from Yume Comics
ill conceived from Summ Publications
Teenagers from Mars #4 from Rick Spears and Rob G
Omnibus Volume One from Ape Entertainment

KODT #99 January 2005
Doc Frankenstein #1 from Burlyman Entertainment
Green Lantern Rebirth #1 from DC Comics
Identity Crisis #6 of 7 from DC Comics
The New Avengers #1 from Marvel
Ghosthunters #1 from Brian Boru Productions #502-1144 Strathaven Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7H 2Z6
Ghostbusters #3 of 4 from 88MPH Studios 1310 Colline Street, Suite 7, Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec Canada, G2E 5H2
PvP: Player vs. Player #12 from Image Comics

KODT #98 December 2004
She-Hulk #8 from Marvel
Ultimate X-men #51 from Marvel
Spiderman #7 from Marvel
Captain American #32 from Marvel
The Fantastic Four #11 from Marvel
The Punisher #12 from Marvel
Action Comics #820 from DC Comics
Flare First New Issue from Heroic Publishing
Strange Heroes #1 from Lone Star Press, PO Box 684912, Austin, TX 78768

KODT #97 November 2004
Terrible Tales from Geek Boy Press
The Mighty Offenders #1 from Young American Comics
Jonas: Tales of an Ironstar #1 from Code Deco
The Man Who Thought He Ruled The World from James Hatton
Deep Fried Suicide Note from Jason Yungbluth
Footman 15 #1 from Bald Guy Studios, PO Box 2425 Ames, Iowa 50010-2425
NYC Mech #4 from Image Comics

KODT #96 October 2004
Intergalatic Sushi from GazeRiver Studios
Steve Conley's Bloop #1 from Steve Conley
Unhappy Gran'ma from Radbu Productions
Ruule Vol. 2: Kiss & Tell #1 from Beckett Comics
Serial Victims from Desperate Souls Studios
Tales of Lugnor Issue One from JAL Comics
Terra Obscura Volume Two #1 of 6 from America's Best Comics
Army of Darkness: Ashes to Ashes #1 from Devil's Due Publishing
Witchblade #78 from Image/Top Cow

KODT #95 September 2004
The Norm and Tex Laramie from Michael Jantze and Frank Cammuso
The Myth of 8-Opus #2 from Thomas Scioli Publishing Group
Terminal Press #0 from Terminal Press
Runners #1 from Serve Man Press
Infinite Line Comics Presents #1 from David Quiles
The Odds from Quirky Muse Comics
Johnny Raygun #1 from Jetpack Press
Pop Art Funnies #1 from MPH Comics

KODT #94 August 2004
Palookaville Number Sixteen from Drawn and Quaterly
Chip Zdarsky's Prison Funnies Issue Two from Legion of Evil Press
Louis Reil the Ninth Issue from Drawn and Quaterly
Off Kilter Number Seven from Tim Grant
DC: The New Frontier Book Four of Six from DC Comics
Collier's Vol. 2 #2 from Drawn and Quaterly
Infinite Kung-Fu Number Seven from Great Lakes Ninja Brotherhood

KODT #93 July 2004
Nate and Steve #1 from Fish Stick Comics
The Mighty Skullboy Army #4 from Beetlebug Comics
Wasted Minute #1 from Yellow Nightmares Press, 203 N. Essex Ave., #19, Narberth, PA 19072
Unicornicopia Preview from Cavalier Arts
Black Bastard #2 from Rorschach Press
Gimme Some Truth! by Travis Fox, 6232 NE Moonstone Ct., Lee's Summit, MO 64064

KODT #92 June 2004
House of Twelve One & Two from House of Twelve Comics
Rob Zombie's Spookshow International #7 from MVCreations
Masters of the Universe #1 from MVCreations
CSI: Crime Scene Investigations: Demon House #2 from IDW
Phantom Jack #1 from Image
Bone #54 from Cartoon Books

KODT #91 May 2004
Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #3 from Brass Ball Comics
Dungeon #8 from NBM Publishing
Small Favors #8: Girly Porno Color Special from Eros Comix, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Jane's World #10 from Girl Twirl Comics
The Altered Wars #115 presents Luftwaffe: 1946 from Antarctic Press, 7272 Wurzbach Suite #204, San Antonio, TX 78240
1602 Part Six from Marvel Comics

KODT #90 April 2004
The Losers #9 from Vertigo
Stay Puffed #1 from Image Comics
Teen Titans Go! #4 from DC Comics
Savage Dragon #113 from Image Comics
Snake Plissken Chronicles #4 from Hurricane Entertainment
The Adventures of Superman #625 from DC Comics
Betty and Vernoica #198 from Archie Comics

KODT #89 March 2004
Amy Unbound: The Ashcan Series #7 from Rachel Hartman 250 E. Wynnewood Rd. #E-13, Wynnewood, PA 19096
Sweatshop #6 from DC Comics
Kickass Girl #2 from Neko Press
Blokhedz #1 from Street Legends Ink
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #6 from Slave Labor Graphics
MAD Magazine from DC Comics

KODT #88 February 2004
Landis #0 from A-Bomb
Carbon Knight #1-4 from Lunar Studios, 50 1/2 N. Market Street, Elysburg, PA 17824
Trinity #1 from DC Comics
Tales from the Pimp #0 from Digital Pimp Comics
The Conversation from Red Eye Press
Wolverine #8 from Marvel Comics
The Mighty Thor #71 from Marvel Comics
Captain America #20 from Marvel Comics
The Uncanny X-men #433 from Marvel Comics
New Mutants #7 from Marvel Comics
The Spectacular Spiderman #6 from Marvel Comics

KODT #87 January 2004
Some Big Lumberjack #1 & #2 from Half-Ass Publishing, 3714 Rockdale Dr., Dallas, TX 75020
Y, the Last Man #15 from Vertigo
Hellblazer #188 from Vertigo
Hi-Horse #4 from Bishakh Som
Whistle Blower, Book 3 from Angry Dog Press
True Porn, an anthology from Alternative Comics

KODT #86 December 2003
Batman: Gotham Knights from DC Comics
The First #34 from Cross Gen
X-Statix from Marvel Comics
Midnight Mover #2 of 4 from Oni Press
Hell #1 from Rocket Comics (aka: Dark Horse's Creator line)
Freemind #7 from Future Comics
On the Far Side with Dead Folks #1 from Avatar Press
Scurvy Dogs #1 from Boyd & Yount

KODT #85 November 2003
Emma Frost #1 of 6 from Marvel Comics
X-men: Phoenix #2 of 3 from Marvel Comics
Demi The Demoness #7 from Carnal Comics PO Box 2068, Scottsdale, AZ 85252
Superman in Action Comics #806 from DC Comics
Dogwitch #6 from Sirius
Spawn #127 from Image

KODT #84 October 2003
The Filth #011 from Vertigo
Trailer Park of Terror #1 from Imperium Comics, PO Box 4525, Reading PA 19606
Transformers Armada #12 from Dreamwave Productions
Hopeless Savages: Too Much #1 of 4 from Oni Press
Pete Stathis' The Fallen: Evenfall #1 from Slave Labor Graphics

KODT #83 September 2003
The Authority: Volume 2 #2 from Wildstorm
Jack the Lantern #2 from Castle Rain Entertainment
Paradigm #9 from Image Comics
Ultimate Spiderman #42 from Marvel Comics
Way of the Rat #14 from CrossGen

KODT #82 August 2003
Shades of Blue #1 from Digital Webbing
Deathmask #1 from Future Comics
The Silencers #1 from Moonstone
The Fantastic Four #68 or #497 from Marve Comics
Global Frequency #7 from Wildstorm

KODT #81 July 2003
Fables #12 from Vertigo
Battle of the Planets #8 from Top Cow
Astro City: Local Heroes #2 of 5 from Homage
The Desert Peach #28 from A Fine Line Press
The Goon #4 from Albatross Exploding Funny Books

KODT #80 June 2003
Comic Bits by Chris Giarrusso
Dead End from Eightball Graphics
Mortal Coils from Red Press 2303 37th Street NW, Washington DC 20007-1833
Desperate Times from AAAARGH! Comics
30 Days of Night from IDW Publishing

KODT #79 May 2003
American Century #21 from Vertigo
The Pro from Image Comics
Scars #1A, #2A & Sampler from Avatar Press
The Rawhide Kid from Marvel

KODT #78 April 2003
Pretty Female Assassin: PIXIE from Die, Monster, Die! 5082 East Federal Street Baltimore, MD 21205
The Raconteur Explains the Meaning of Life from Evercross Studios.
Powerwus #1 & Suspense of Disbelief from Smash! Comics Lightningstrike Publishing, 358 Danforth Ave., PO Box 65174, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4K 1N0
Sojourn #16 from CrossGen

KODT #77 March 2003
Dragon's Bane #1 from Hall of Heroes, 22818 Elm Drive, Elkhart, Indiana 46516
Living Nightmare #1 from Triumvirate Press
Comic Book #11 from ?
Cerebus #283 from Aardvark-Vanaheim Inc. PO Box 1674, Station C Kitchener, ON N2G 4R2

KODT #76 February 2003
Jennie Breeden and Geebas on Parade @ the Devil's Panties
Tick & Artie from New England Comics
Dandy & Company from Big Pond Comics
Superman #180 from DC Comics
Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover #1 from Bongo Comics

KODT #75 January 2003
Dave the Potatoe #3 from fifty cent bin comics, PO Box 4132, Osbornville, NJ 08753, $1 cover price
the silent pulse #1 & #2 from Bearded Baby (Comics with Gusto)
Powers #26 from Image Comics
Hate Annual #3 from Fantagraphics
The Truth: Red, White & Black: Part I from Marvel Comics

KODT #74 December 2002
Dead Meat preview issue by Doug Slack and Jim Hill
Nuke Blastem sampler by Paul Bonanno
The Adventures of Barry Ween: Boy Genius #6 from Oni Press and Judd Winick
Concrete: Think Like a Mountain from Dark Horse Comics
Hellboy: The Right Hand of Doom from Dark Horse Comics

KODT #73 November 2002
Suburban Folklore #1 from www.ourobor.com
Hope 7 (#1 & #2) from Shadow Song, PO Box 370, Hamburg, NY 14075 ($1.95 & $3.95 cover prices)
fade from blue #1 from Second 2 Some Studios, PO Box 623, Bartonsville, PA 18321, $1.00 cover price
Blade of the Immortal: The Gathering Part II from Dark Horse Comics

KODT #72 October 2002
Jacques Da-Cock #1 from Skatoon Productions
Border Walker web comics
Literary Graffiti #1 (no contact info)
Transmetropolitan: gouge away from Vertigo

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