Other Comics Tony Writes

Bart Simpson #40 (Feb. 2008)
The Simpsons Winter Wing Ding #2
The Simpsons Summer Shin Dig #1
Bart Simpson #35
"A Load of Trouble" Bart Simpson #33
"Angry Dad", "Hot Cider in the City" and "Homer's New Year's Resolutions" in The Simpsons Winter Wing Ding #1
"Angry Dad in The Roller Skate" in The Simpsons #124
"The Maggie & Moe Mysteries: The Disappearing Duchess" in Bart Simpson #31
"The Great Train Wreck" in Bart Simpson #30
"Angry Dad Trims the Hedges" in Bart Simpson #28
"The Maggie & Moe Mysteries: M is for Zirconia" in The Simpsons #114
"Nelson Muntz's Guide to Grown-up Nerds", "The Kiss of Blecch!" and "The Maggie and Moe Mysteries: The Case of the Willful Will" in Bart Simpson #24
"Bait and Cackle" in Bart Simpson #22
"Batter-Up Bart" in Bart Simpson #21
"Bartless on a Tuesday" in Bart Simpson #19
"Bart version 2.0" and "Invasion of the Baby Snatchers" in Bart Simpson #15
"A Chair of One's Own" in Bart Simpson #9
"Homer vs. the Raccoon: Parts I & II" in The Simpsons #77
(Bongo Comics: Bongo doesn't have an official website)

Everknights -3: "Steve: The Musical"
Everknights #1: "Return of the Dead Guys"
Everknights #2: "The Real Hackmasters"
Everknights #3: "It's a Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left World"
Everknights #4: "The Trouble with Beef"
Everknights #5: "The Gold Piece Pit"
Everknights #6: "Enter the Tung"
Everknights #7: "The Trollinator"
Everknights #8: "Faster Everknight! Kill! Kill!"
Everknights #9: "The Zombie Hunter"
Everknights #10: "Unhackable"
Everknights #11: "Indecent Possession"
Everknights #12: "Sleepless After Battle" (May '04)
Everknights Special #1: The Everknights vs. King Arthur (June '04)
Everknights #13: "Planet of the Stupid Monkeys" (July '04)
Everknights #14: "A Cheeky Four Years" (September '04)

(Published by Kenzer & Company, Drawn by Manny Vega)

Everknights #6: "Enter the Tung" had a cover by Manny, but was drawn by Diego Jourdan
Everknights #7 and beyond was drawn by the regular new artist, Ben Hall.

Rodney: The Alien That Smoked Pot
(Summer one-shot from SJRP)

Tony's Other Projects

What I Did on December 12 Instead of Pardoning Tookie for Cracked.com

The Ralph Wiggum Book from the Simpsons Library of Wisdom

Lethal Legacies (a book of traps) for Goodman Games

17 Ranger Spells, 17 Paladin Spells, 17 Bard Spells and 17 Necromancer Spells for The Le Games

Ask the DM appeared on www.parentheticalnote.com

Visit Tony's old improv troupe, the Cabal.

The Undercover Dragon
(A Young Adult Fantasy novel for Padwolf Publishing.)

Slaughterhouse Indigio Hackmaster Adventure Module
The Hacklopedia of Beasts Volumes 1 thru 8
Lookin' at Comics appears monthly in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine
(For the Hackmaster Role Playing Game published by Kenzer & Company.)

Stats for the Neal Pollack and Things I've Learned from the Internet I wrote for the Yankee Pot Roast

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