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Tony Destructo on the job at a con

Past Artists at South Jersey Rebellion Productions

Kevin Daily
(Colorist, Jersey Devil #1 to 8, Logo effects 9 to 10, The Travelers #1 to #12, Cover artist Jersey Devil #7, The Travelers #5 current colorist)

Kevin is part of the amazing people at Mutt Studios. He works with Brian Wacowitz, who has done several Magic Cards, amongst other things. Kevin does tons of card illustrations and is uncredited for an illustration on a Magic Card in the Alliances booster set. He has the biggest computer I've ever seen.

Dominick J. LaGrutta Jr.
(Penciller, Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil 2-6, 8, 9, current penciler)
Dom's style is like that of he artist for Impulse. He is a self-taught artist, who also works in colors and inks. Dom is currently working on JD #13.

Aaron McClellan
(Inker, The Fix #4)
If you read comics, most likely, you've read at least one issue with Aaron's work in it. He's worked for many big, fancy comic book companies and he really came through in the clutch to help finish The Fix #4.

Shawn Moll
(Penciler, Rodney: The Alien That Smoked Pot)
Shawn did the pencils for Rodney: The Alien That Smoked Pot. He lives in Minnesota and has worked on various small press publications. (Visit Shawn and Terri's website.)

Eric Briner
(co-artist on The Travelers #11)
Eric is a good buddy of James Dunn and really helped us out in a pinch for issue #11.

Bob Clark
(Inker, Tony DiGerolamo’s Jersey Devil #1, co-creator/inker Rodney: The Alien That Smoked Pot)
Bob Clark of Atco, NJ is also a self-taught artist and used to work with me at Cosmic Comics.

Steve Cornicelli
(Penciller, Tony DiGerolamo’s Jersey Devil #1)
Steve Cornicelli of Meadford, NY is a self-taught artist, who also worked on Grunge-Boy #1.

Bill Young
(Penciller, Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #1)
Bill Young of Philadelphia, PA is a freelance artist who works at a local graphics design company.

Tom Hodges
(Cover Penciller, Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil 2 & 3)
Tom Hodges formerly of Voorhees, NJ is a freelance artist.

Donn Smith
(Inker, Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil 2-6, 8)
Donn is a professional illustrator living in Florida. He now teaches.

Barry Chabala
(Inker, Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil 9)
Barry has worked with Tom Mandrake, amongst others. His work can be seen in Showcase '95 #8 on a Specter story that was written by John Ostrander.

Brian and Brendon Fraim
(Art Team, Jesery Devil #7 & 10, inking on Jersey Devil 6, The Travelers #2, 5, 6 & 7, art team for #8, The Fix #1 to #3 & the first 10 pages of #4)
The Fraim brothers are a penciling and inking team from Pennsylvania, they have previously done the art for Slave Labor Graphics', "The Waiting Place". They also drew both issues of Jersey Devil #7 & #10, except the cover of #7. Coincidently, they did the storyboards for "The Evil Within". You can visit their website here.

Jeff Toliver
Penciler, The Travelers #23 and some of #24
Jeff is a 27 year-old artist living in Dover, Delaware. He has designed characters for several independent comic book companies and most recently drew a promotional pin-up for Silent Devil Studios as well as for the Silent Devil trade paperback. Besides penciling The Travelers, Jeff is creating a new project with the party boys of DKE Studios of Charlotte, NC.

Ken Haeser
(Penciler, Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #11 & #12 and some inking on #12)
Ken is a graduate of the Kubert School of Cartooning. He lives in Hammonton, NJ, not far from the Jersey Devil. He won the pin up contest in Jersey Devil #6. His website is here.

Peter A. DeLuca
(Inker, Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #11 & #12)
He came in second in the Jersey Devil pin up contest in issue #6.

Carmen Imperato
(Inker, The Travelers #0, most of #1 and some of #2, Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #4 last 15 pgs)
Carmen has inked books such as Thor, Fantasic Four Unlimited and the Punisher.

Fantasy Illustrator Tommy Castillo did the cover for The Travelers #13
Jeff Zapata of Crusade provide part of the art for the jam cover on Jersey Devil #4
Joe DelBeato, formerly of the GI Joe comic and a whole lot of other things, did a cover for Jersey Devil #8
Neil Vokes of Eagle fame and various DC Adventures comics, penciled and ink the cover for Jersey Devil #9
Buzz, artist & illustrator of many vampire comics and other stuff, did a pin up for The Travelers

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