Tony's TV and Movie Mishaps

Tony's TV & Movie Mishaps

Ten Cents a Minute (2003)

This is a 23 minute film I originally wrote for a Twilight Zone-type TV show that never got produced. It was originally called "The Ghost that Called Collect". My good friend, Russ Murray, produced it and it was directed by David Ruth. You can see more about the film at the Sweety Kat Pictures website. We screened the film at the first annual Garden State Film Festival and won second place at the Philly First Glance film festival.

The Father, The Son... (2002)

Eagle Films hired me to write this Mafia movie. It stars Leo Rossi. I didn't direct this movie. It opened in theaters near me at the Ritz in Voorhees, NJ.

The Evil Within (1999)

Tony (right) on the set with two of the cast members from the Evil Within
Click here for an article on the movie.

I was hired to write the screenplay by Eagle Films. There's another movie with the same title, but that was produced in 1994 and, I believe, over in Europe. Jersey Devil comics were in the pile at the beginning of the movie, but you can't see them. I didn't direct this movie either.

7 Days (1999)

The UPN Paramount Network has this show on called "7 Days", a time travel show. During the episode entitled "Walter", there is a shoot out in a comic book store. Jersey Devil comics and The Travelers are everywhere. It first aired in May of 1999.

The Anti-Gravity Room (1997)

My manly image was seen on May 17th, 1997 at 11 AM on the Sci-Fi Channel. I got to review Jersey Devil #2, which is kind of weird, but hey, at least I'm on TV where I belong.

Chasing Amy (1996)

Myself and artist, Tom Hodges, appeared in the comic book convention scenes for "Chasing Amy". If you watch the very beginning, at the end of the fight scene, you will see the South Jersey Rebellion Productions banner and Tom in his cap. I, sadly, did not make the cut.

The Comic Book Show (1993-1994)

I used to host a nationally syndicated TV show about comic books. It aired mainly in Philadelphia on channel 65. We interviewed everyone from todd mcfarlane to that fat guy who dresses up as batman. The show aired from Spring 1993 until about the winter of 1994.

Tapes are not currently available, but I sometimes take my “best of” tape with me to conventions. It contains all the comedy sketches we did on the show, including:

Lt. America
Beavis and Bathead
Hullk counter Hullk
Mr. Batman locks his keys in the car
(and lost sketch)
The incredible Hullk vs. captain kirk

My co-host, Nikki, has her own comic book company. It’s called Tyred Tiger Press. My co-producer, David Weiner, opened a comic book shop called Wein’s World, which specialized in many hard-to-get mature readers and adult comic books. The store has since closed and Dave now lives in the Seattle area.

Currently, there are no plans to revive the show, but to those of you who watched, I thank you.

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