The Travelers Barbara the Barbarian
AKA: "The sword broad with the broad sword"

Type: Human Female
Current Occupation: Adventurer
Former Occupations: Bodyguard, Gladiator, Barbarian Warrior
Marital Status: Single, but living with Sir Dan
Strength: Legendary
Intelligence: Average
Education: Minimal
Bravery: Superior
Speed: Above Average
Charm: Below Average
Cunning: Below Average
Preferred Weapons: Broad sword, Long Bow, Fist, Head
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 133 lb.

Background: Barbara's clan was a nomadic tribe that lived along the beaches of a faraway land she refers to as Mallabue. Having been exiled from the rest of her clan for some great transgression, she hacked and sliced her way to more civilized lands. In the city of Balafor, she made a name for herself fighting in the gladiatorial arenas for a time, winning in part do to her propensity for fighting in the nude. After amassing a huge fortune, she lost most it betting in Balafor's crooked casinos and purchasing the single largest collection of women's footwear in the Realm. While trying to track down her equally crooked gladiator manager, she ran into Sir Dan the Optimist and has been with him ever since. She currently holds the record at the Dock and Swig for the most ales (33) drank in one sitting.

Career Highlights: 76 straight victories in the arena, once force-fed a troll his own battle-ax after he called her "The Sword Broad with the Broad Sword", survived a direct hit to the head from a catapult.

Career Mishaps: Accidentally set fire to the City of Wallenford, once attempted to seduce a eunuch, partially responsible for starting the Goblin Wars, continually gets her associates lost.

Most redeeming quality: Her beauty and her warrior skills.
Least redeeming quality: Her sense of direction.
Awards: None

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