AKA: Mighty One, The Mighty Cubby, Little General

Type: Snotit Male
Current Occupation: Adventurer, Ambassador
Former Occupations: Blacksmith, Weaponsmith, Soldier
Marital Status: married (x5 at least)
Strength: Superior
Endurance: Superior
Intelligence: Superior
Education: Above Average
Bravery: Above Average
Speed: Average
Charm: Above Average
Cunning: Superior
Preferred Weapons: Long sword, Battle Axe
Height: 3' 1"
Weight: 69 lb.

Background: Cubby was apprenticed to a Blacksmith and Weaponsmith during his teen years. When he reached the Age of Ascension, he enlisted in the Snotit Army to fight the growing menace of goblins that has plagued his people for centuries. He bested a Goblin War Chief in personal combat, saving his village and earning the Ambassadorship to Beastlyville. Shortly thereafter, he struck up a friendship with Locust the Wizard and joined his adventuring group.

Career Highlights: Bested a Goblin War Chief in personal combat, once ate a murderous "Cheese Fiend" accidentally summoned by Locust, owns an extensive collection of exotic weapons.

Career Mishaps: Accidentally swallowed the stopper to a magical "Bottle of Endless Stink", partially responsible for starting the Goblin Wars, lost the now "Lost Tome of Infinite Knowledge".

Most redeeming quality: His straight forward manner allows him to come up with the simplest solutions to problems.

Least redeeming quality: His appetite is so voracious, he will usually leave behind important equipment so he can carry more food.

Awards: Snotit Veteran of Wars Medal, Combat Valor Decoration, Beastlyville Haggis Eating Champion

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