Locust the Wizard
AKA: stupid thrall!

Type:Human Male
Current Occupation:Adventurer, Wizard, Royal Wizard of Beastlyville
Former Occupations: Adventurer, Wizard
Marital Status: Single, but dating (see issue #4)
Strength: Average
Endurance: Average
Intelligence: Way Below Average
Cunning: Average
Education: Legendary
Bravery: Average
Speed: Average
Charm: Way Below Average
Preferred Weapons: Magic, Staff, Dagger
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 156 lb.

Background: Locust's history is shrouded in some mystery. What is known is that he took up residence in Beastlyville some 15 years ago, building his tower and offering his magical services to anyone that would pay. He has been on countless adventures and sometimes takes on so many jobs, they conflict with each other. He has found steady work with Sgt. T.S., who in turn, got him an introduction to the King. Due to a clerical error, he became the Royal Wizard.

Career Highlights: Accidentally became the Royal Wizard of Beastlyville.

Career Mishaps: Frequently causes livestock to explode within City Limits, once turned half the Royal Guard into King Crabs, accidentally summoned a murderous "Cheese Fiend", conducted an experiment that turned the sun a hideous color green for six weeks, partially responsible for the start of the Goblin Wars, created a spell that causes the sewers in Beastlyville to overflow when cast.

Most redeeming quality: None.

Least redeeming quality: Too numerous to mention here. Suffice it to say he's a very, very powerful wizard, with a very, very tiny brain.

Awards: Best Use of a Newt in a Necromantic Spell, Most Improved Wizard of the Year

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