Sgt. T.S. (Tariff Staff)
AKA: Sarge

Type: Human Male
Current Occupation: The King's Champion, Knight of Beastlyville, Adventurer
Former Occupations: City Guard, Royal Guard
Marital Status: Engaged to Princess Chastity
Strength: Superior
Endurance: Superior
Intelligence: Average
Education: Superior
Bravery: Legendary
Speed: Above Average
Charm: Above Average
Cunning: Average
Preferred Weapons: Magic Long Sword, Lance
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 196 lb.

Background: Tariff comes from a long line of knightly warriors. His family has owned the manor house he calls home for centuries. He's led a very organized life, working his way up the ranks from guard to knight. He rarely goes anywhere without his father's magical sword. Within the last year, he got involved, part time, with an adventuring group started by Locust. Since then, much to the dismay of his fiancee, Princess Chastity, his orderly life has become anything but.

Career Highlights: The Sarge is one of the King's favorite knights. He has personally slayed 27 dragons and dozens of evil creatures that tried to breach the city gates of Beastlyville. He once held off an entire battalion of hobgoblins with an empty box.

Career Mishaps: Accidentally led an attack on the City of Beastlyville, once slayed a dragon which then fell on the local church, hired Locust the Wizard to cater a Royal Ball.

Most redeeming quality: Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave.

Least redeeming quality: The Sarge's sword is jealous of his fiancee. He also keeps putting off his wedding so he can continue to go adventuring.

Awards: Champion Jouster & Swordsman, Beastlyville Knight's Cleanliness Award

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