Father Shambles
AKA:Arc the Shark, Arcimedes Shambles, Sham

Type: Human Male
Current Occupation: Priest, Adventurer
Former Occupations: Adventurer, Thief
Marital Status: Widower
Strength: Average
Endurance: Average
Intelligence: Above Average
Cunning: Legendary
Education: Superior
Bravery: Below Average
Speed: Above Average
Charm: Superior
Preferred Weapons: Mace
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 194 lb.

Background: Shambles keeps most of his past a secret. Most people know that he entered the priesthood after a failed career at crime and adventuring. Upon entering seminary school, Shambles finally made all the business contacts he needed to make his plans a reality. Although outspoken in his religious views, his Uncle Pius, the pope, got him the job at Saint Flannigan's Church in Beastlyville. St. Flannigan's used to be a huge, "War Church" centuries ago. Shambles converted the secret passages that once housed weapons into casino games. He runs special "masses" two times a week and gives the proceeds to the city's poor. Shambles joined Locust's adventuring group to get him to stop pestering him at work. He secretly belongs to several groups in the city.

Career Highlights: Restored St. Flannigan's when the new church was crushed by a dead dragon, tricked a demon into a swimming pool full of Holy water, tripled the tithe revenue of St. Flannigan's.

Career Mishaps: Attempted to give last rites to zombie horde, accidentally baptized a chimp in a drunken stupor, partially responsible for the start of the Goblin Wars, partially responsible for the clerical error that made Locust the Royal Wizard.

Most redeeming quality: Helps the poor and is a good guy, deep down.

Least redeeming quality: He's a drunk, a gambler, a rogue and frequently uses unorthodox methods to get results. He also has a short temper.

Awards: Most Profitable Priest 4 years running

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