Sir Dan the Optimist
AKA: Dashing Dan the Merry Man

Type:Human Male
Current Occupation:Adventurer, Inn Keeper
Former Occupations: Bard, Merry Man, Thief, Soldier, Musician, Knight, Consort, Bodyguard, Scribe (amongst others)
Marital Status: Single, but living with Barbara
Strength: Above Average
Endurance: Average
Intelligence: Superior
Education: Superior
Bravery: Above Average
Speed: Superior
Charm: Legendary
Cunning: Superior
Preferred Weapons: Crossbow, Short Sword, Dagger
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 168 lb.

Background: Sir Dan's past is so long and colorful, it could hardly be surmised here. He is without a doubt the most experienced adventurer in the group, having traveled the corners of the world. He's seen it all, done it all and he hasn't quit yet. He is the current owner and proprietor of a run down inn called "Sir Dan's Dock and Swig", which has a small marina in the back. (He won half of it in a card game and the other half currently belongs to the local mob.)

Career Highlights: Once shaved the eyebrows off a sleeping giant, scammed a group of Vikings into giving him their boat for an empty treasure chest, once sang a battalion of trolls to sleep with a drinking song.

Career Mishaps: Once led an angry, eyebrowless giant to Beastlyville, has knocked-up several unnamed noble women in neighboring kingdoms, once lost his girlfriend, Barbara, in a dice game.

Most redeeming quality: His charm and optimism. Dan is also allergic to dragons.

Least redeeming quality: He is a magnet to trouble.

Awards: Winner of several crossbow contests, "Beastlyville's Bard of the Year"

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