Title: Tony DiGerolamo’s The Travelers #10
Story Title:Welcome to the Beast

Issue stats:32 pages, b&w, $2.95

Writer: Tony DiGerolamo
Penciller:James Dunn
Inker: James Dunn
Cover Colors:Kevin Daily
Cover Pencils & Ink:Brian Dawson

Distribution: Previews (April ’01), 25 gaming distributors
First shipped: Available in stores since June 01’

First Appearances:Brother Ace, Brother Dog Biter, Lord Tariff, Evil Rob, Evil Lester, the Dreadnaughts, Barbara the Beautiful, Sir Daniel the Depressing, Alternate Sir Woodward Staff, Locust the Vile Sorcerer, Capo Katrina, Capo Arc the Shark, Stephanie, The Enlightened One, Anthony the Quick, Bingo the Brave, Sir Olaff, Alternate Cubby, Alternate Royal Family, Empire of the Beast, Empire Resistance, Alternate Sir Woodward's Sword, the Bull God, the Bamboo II, Pandaverse

Issue quirks:Features alternate evil universe editorial and credits.

Issue Events:First issue penciled and inked by James Dunn. Features Locust the Wizard short story "Dealing with Idiots".

Issue Synopsis:Caught up in a strange storm, our heroes finally make it back to Beastlyville--- Only to find that they are in an alternate Universe, where good is evil, evil is good and the Dock & Swig's bathroom is actually clean! Can our heroes escape before their evil twins summon the Bull God and destroy the kingdom? (Special appearance by Anthony the Quick, World's Nicest Elf!)

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