Title: Tony DiGerolamo’s The Travelers #11
Story Title:Wrath of the Imprechaun

Issue stats:32 pages, b&w, $2.95

Writer: Tony DiGerolamo
Artists:James Dunn and Eric Briner
Cover Colors:Kevin Daily
Cover Pencils & Ink:James Dunn

Distribution: Previews (June ’01), 25 gaming distributors
First shipped: Available in stores since August 01’

First Appearances:Prehistoric Celery Men, Second Alternate Sarge, Second Alternate Chastity, Straw Shambles, Lucifer O'Mally the Imprechaun, Young Locust, the Ultimate Sword, Charon, the River Styx, 2nd appearance of Katrina, King Arthur, Ken Daverez, Satan

Issue quirks:none

Issue Events:Features Mi short story, "Return of the Oni King".

Issue Synopsis:Trapped beyond space and time, our heroes unwittingly release the fiendish Imprechaun and fall prey to his diabolical ways. Half leprechaun, half imp; his name is Lucifer O'Mally and he has the power to grant your every wish...for your soul! Can our heroes put the cork back on this evil Irish genie? (Special appearance by King Arthur!)

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