The Travelers #20

Title: Tony DiGerolamo’s The Travelers #20
Story Title:Kingdom of Crime

Issue stats:32 pages, b&w, $2.99

Writer: Tony DiGerolamo
Penciller: Chris Moreno
Inker:James Dunn, Jay Moreno, Chris Moreno, Tommy Castillo
Painted Cover:Tommy Castillo

Distribution: Previews (December ’02), 25 gaming distributors
First shipped: Available in stores February 03’

First Appearances: Elias the Stud, Jandor, Justinian Plum, the Sylvan Avenger, Boss Joey Blackblade, Winston Dickers, Capo Redfeather, Capo Vancouver, Mr. Fives, Captain Beastlyville, Green Locust, The Indestructible Iron Cubby, Dark Barbara, Speedy Green, the Beastlyville League of Justice, the Dapper Dandies, the Smugglers of the Dark Pier, BLJ Secret Stable of Justice, Buggerin' Tom and the Rhoderdendren

Issue quirks: Article in the back on turning your medieval fantasy campaign into a medieval superhero campaign. Goodbye to Kenzer and Hello to Wingnut Games.

Issue Events: Last Kenzer issue! Hackmaster stats for the Beastlyville League of Justice and the Sylvan Avenger

Issue Synopsis: When Beastlyville is flooded with war refugees, crime skyrockets out of control in the kingdom and not even shifty Father Shambles is safe! Inspired by a mysterious avenger of the night, our heroes decide to become masked crime fighters. But can superheroes function in the Middle Ages? Is stabbing someone with a sword really a super power? And who is the mysterious "Dark Barbara"? Don't miss this issue, true believers, Excalibur!

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