The Travelers #25

Title: Tony DiGerolamo’s The Travelers #25
Story Title:Julius Caesar: Super Genius

Issue stats:32 pages, b&w, $2.99

Writer: Tony DiGerolamo
Penciller: James Dunn, Chris Moreno, Jeff Toliver, Jay Moreno
Inker:James Dunn, Chris Moreno, Jay Moreno
Cover:Chris Moreno

Distribution: Previews (October ’03), 25 gaming distributors
First shipped: December 03’

First Appearances: First full appearance of Julius Caesar since his cameo in #16.

Issue quirks: Multiple artist draw the same story.

Issue Events: Final issue published by Wingnut Games. Features timeline of events from all Travelers issues to date and a Lil' Barbara comic strip. Tony thanks fans.

Issue Synopsis: Emperor Rheemus, the living statue, uses Archimedes' technology to revive Julius Caesar. But Caesar is crazy and Hellbent on world domination through the use of his magic statue army. When Rheemus finds out that Caesar doesn't care for him, the plan unravels and our heroes are caught in the middle.

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