The Travelers #2

Title: Tony DiGerolamo’s The Travelers #3

Barbarian Real Estate Blues

Issue stats:32 pages, b&w, $2.25
Writer: Tony DiGerolamo
Penciller: Brian Dawson
Inker: Brian Dawson
Cover Colors: Kevin Daily
Cover Pencils: Brian Dawson

Distribution: Previews (Feb ’99), FM International
First shipped: Available in stores since April 99’

First Appearances: Snatele, Big Anthos, Barbara (as Barbara the Gladiator), King Don, Ty, Brian, Tu Chi’, Claire Mont, Eve the Heartless, Wanda Wonder, Jen Blade, Lady Die, Rima: Princess Warrior, Dog Biter, Helga, Ace, the Baroness, Tax Collector Brinderkoff, Percy, Lightning, Keeper of the Deeds, Etorm, Maces of St. Bert,

Issue quirks: None

Issue Events: Contains a list of what each character is doing on vacation, ad for Jersey Devil #9 and the RPG called Forge.

Issue Synopsis: Barbara the Barbarian inherits a castle from her late, crooked, ex-gladiator manager and finds it comes with a terrible curse and terrible decor. Opening years ago, Barbara the Barbarian was then Barbara the Gladiator, fighting in the arena for sport. Using her amazing good looks and partial nudity to distract opponents, Barbara appears unbeatable. Unfortunately, a rival gladiator manager hires female warriors to beat Barbara. This, in turn, causes the audience of all men to boo, because they were actually more interested in nudity than a fight. The entire gladiator enterprise comes crashing down and Barbara's manager, King Don, steals all her money.
Years later, Sir Dan leaves Barbara in charge of the Dock & Swig while he goes up to the palace for a gig. The tax collector is coming the next day, so it's important Dan makes extra money. He reminds Barbara not to drink while on duty. Unfortunately, two rogues named Ace and Dog Biter fast talk her into letting them tend bar so she can drink.
The next morning, after Dan leaves the bedroom of the Baroness, he discovers his bar a mess and the profits all gone. Barbara, Shambles and Cubby wake up hungover. Just as Shambles remembers he's missing mass, the tax collector arrives. Dan doesn't have the money, but manages to put him off for a week. At the same time, a letter arrives announcing that Barbara has inherited Castle Wickdenstein.
Without much time to pay the tax collector, the group decides to travel to the castle and see if there's anything worth selling. Despite the obvious state of disrepair, lack of anything valuable and a mysterious warning of a curse, Barbara is anxious to move in. The group stumbles across the Maces of St. Bert, while activating the curse. Just then, Barbara gets angry and throws everyone out, but finds the castle is being attacked by zombies. Barbara gets freaked out and runs inside the castle while the others fight.
Later, Barbara decides that she must give up her violent ways (as Dan had suggested earlier) and tries to make peace with the zombies. Unfortunately, you can't make peace with zombies, so Dan is forced to trick her into fighting them. The zombies are driven off, but Barbara is depressed. She can't live in the castle, but she still doesn't have her own home.
In the end, Dan uses the money they get from the castle to repair the bar and make Barbara part owner and giving her a room. Additionally, with the remaining money, he bribes the tax collector's assistant to take him to the dungeon.

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