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What is Improv?

Deadly assassins, spies and dynamic entertainers, the ninjas were the shadow warriors for hire during the fourteenth through seventeenth centuries in Japan, a period of eastern history rife with conflict and ripe for comedy. The philosophy of the ninja was to operate unseen and unnoticed until they could strike with a deadly and spontaneous scene. They could go where armored warriors could not, accomplish in secret what armies could not and make up entire scenes from a random audience suggestion. Ninjas were the consummate fighters and snazzy dressers, but they preferred deception to outright violence, charisma to belligerence, unscripted gags to staid stand up.

Traditionally, ninjas trained in improv from birth. They learned to be preternaturally vigilant for comedic possibilities around them. By five or six, children's play took the form of scenes about office politics and airports. They learned how to walk without making a noise, to assume disguises that allowed them to blend in with a crowd, to scamper across trees and to do voices of celebrities. As they grew older, these future ninjas began hand-to-hand combat, weapons training and other physical comedy.

Even today, ninjas are spoke of with awe and admiration, but these people were assassins of the highest order, killing for a price and turning audience suggestions to their own twisted comedic ends.


1/13/2009: The Ninjas are going on hiatus for a while. Check back to see when we're performing again.

10/10/2008: New Ninja videos on Youtube from the Fringe!

7/4/2008: Show update!

6/13/2008: The Ninja Fringe show dates are announced!

6/12/2008: The Ninjas are in the Del Close Marathon August 8th!

The Barrington Coffee House show has moved from June to July 9th.

Ninja Improv Sundays are now the Ninja Comedy Showcase at the Raven Lounge!

New Ninja videos on Youtube!

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