The Other Jungle

Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #2
48 pages, b&w, $2.95

Tony DiGerolamo

Dom LaGrutta,Jr.
(pages 1-48),
Tom Hodges

Donn Smith

Kevin Daily

 mm  m


Distribution: Previews (December '96), resolicited (April '97), SyCo First shipped: February '96

First Appearances: Dr. Tollar, the Eightballs street gang, Agent Brack, Agent Ichi, Joey Benzine, Holly Woods, Watts, Del Rey, Encino, Wilshire

Issue quirks: Issue was printed by a different printer on higher quality paper, but the print run had mistakes. Several issues shipped with missing pages. Issue contained a character wearing an N.W.O. shirt and a copy of the Courier Post.

Issue Events: New artists give book new look, 1st of new cover format, Arthur is shot, J.D. kidnaps Dr. Tollar, Mayor Frantelli revealed to be working against the mob, Holly recalls Joey Benzine, J.D. attacks the Eightballs in Camden, bottom half of J.D.'s mask is cut off, Jersey Devil poem during fight at end of issue, Jersey Devil Fun Facts, Note from the Creator intros website address, back cover ad for Jersey Devil statues.

Issue Synopsis: As J.D. and Arthur make their way through Camden, Arthur is shot by local drug dealers (the Eightballs). Meanwhile, Ryder assumes his detective post and examines Joey Benzine's file. The California Syndicate, who own CNV chemicals, suspect Joey Benzine is J.D. J.D. kidnaps Dr. Tollar and gets him to remove the bullet from Arthur. In Atlantic City, Mayor Frantelli meets with agents Ichi and Brack. He is working with them in a rogue FBI operation to eliminate organized crime. The agents suspect J.D. is Harlan Bent, an eco-terrorists and send the information to the police. Ryder and Hayworth, working on J.D.'s case have dinner together, until they receive a call about J.D. attacking the Eightballs. During the fight with the Eightballs, the bottom of J.D.'s mask is cut off. He kills several of gang members, blows up their house and steals their money. After the police arrive, J.D. stands atop a local church and drops the stolen drug money on the crowd of residents. He escapes before the police can capture him.


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