The Robin Hood of the Pines

Tony DiGerolamo's Jersey Devil #5
32 pages, b&w, $2.25

Tony DiGerolamo

Dom LaGrutta,Jr.

Dom LaGrutta,Jr.

Donn Smith

Kevin Daily

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Distribution: Previews (December '97), SyCo

First shipped: February '98

First Appearances: Joe Mulliner, the Refugees, Alan a Dale, Friar, Wil Scarlet, Fagan, Madeline

Issue quirks: Advertisement for Jersey Devil merchandise and Comic Net Ink

Issue Events: First new story. Pin up contest announced.

Issue Synopsis: Issues 5 & 6 are based after the lives of Joe Mulliner and the Refugees. The events in these two issue actually take place before issues #1-4 and are told in a flashback within a flashback. J.D. is riding the rails somewhere in the United States as he tells the story. While walking through the woods with Nate and Arthur, J.D. runs into the ghosts of Joe Mulliner and the Refugees. The ghosts act a lot like Robin Hood and his Merry Men, with Joe acting as Robin. J.D. was about to cross a log over a stream, when Joe challenges him to a staff fight. If J.D. wins, he can pass, otherwise he must perform a service for the Refugees. Using his ghostly abilities, Joe wins. The other ghosts get rid of Nate and J.D. agrees to hear their story. Joe, in flashback, tells how he came to the Colonies during the Revolutionary War. He and the other Refugees defected from the British Army and became highway bandits in the woods of South Jersey. Joe is a dashing, rogue, while his second in command, Fagan, is a brute and a sourpuss. During a stagecoach robbery, Joe meets the beautiful Madeline and falls in love. He then plans his robberies around dances. While most men are up north fighting the war, Joe and his men easily come to town, hold everyone hostage and rob them, while Joe dances with Madeline and the other ladies. One day Fagan, who is jealous of Joe, decides he will rob a poor widow named Mrs. Bates without Joe's permission. Later, its revealed she is loyal to the King, like Joe. This infuriates Mulliner, who nearly kills Fagan. During the confrontation it is evident that Joe is taking his role as the local Robin Hood a little too seriously and that he is blinded by his loyalty to King George. Joe slashes Fagan with his saber and the issue ends with "To be continued".


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