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Email address:

Snail mail:
South Jersey Rebellion Productions
PO Box 839
Hammonton, NJ 08037

What to send...

Currently, we are seeking samples from inkers and pencilers. Send non-returnable photocopies of your artwork and a self addressed envelope for a response. We would like to see your story telling ability from panel to panel and page to page. Backgrounds and anatomy are very important. Inkers, please send a photocopy of the pencils as well as the inks. Instead of a return envelope, make sure your email address is marked somewhere prominently.

We will also accept fan mail at either the email or snail mail addresses. We can accept checks or money orders for ordered merchandise.

What not to send...

We currently donít accept writing submissions of any kind. We donít need them, donít want them and wonít read them. Sorry, donít waste your time. (The only exception is mentioned on the Jersey Devil section about versions of the original story.)

Do not send the originals of your artwork. Weíre stupid and we will lose them.

Do not send cash through the mail, it will probably be stolen. (At least, that will be my story and Iíll stick to it.)

Do not send annoying letters and email about how pissed off you are because the next comic book isnít out. When its out, itís out. Get on the mail list and youíll know shortly after we do.

Do not send art submissions via email. The SJRP computer is old and outdated and takes too long to download.

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