SJRP was founded by writer, Tony DiGerolamo in 1996. This was in response to Tony's rejection by virtally every other medium. Over the years, Tony has worked with a variety of artists. All the projects at SJRP are written and controlled by Tony. If you are a writer, please do not waste your time with a submission. If you are an artist, please read our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before submitting anything.


SJRP primarily makes comic books. It publishes Jersey Devil, The Fix comic series and Rodney: The Alien That Smoked Pot. It published the first 3 issues of The Travelers. The Travelers is still made by the people at SJRP. Issues #4 through #20 were published at Kenzer and Company, but it is now published at Wingnut Games. SJRP has a mail box at PO Box 439, Stratford, NJ 08084, but precious little else. Please do not try to sell us cellphones, conference room furniture or subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal. We're very small and don't have much room.


In 1992, Tony created a TV show called The Comic Book Show. It ran for almost two years in Philadelphia and selected affiliates. During this time, Tony watched the demise of the comics medium due to greed, poor planning and God-awful writing. Frustrated with writing screenplays, he turned to comics when he read something that Brian Pulido of Chaos Comics said. "Comic books are the poor man's film medium." Although he had started dabbling in comic scripts for Jersey Devil as early as 1990, Pulido's quote inspired him to push forward and create SJRP.


Yes, but ONLY FROM ARTISTS. CLICK HERE if you are an artist, for the guidelines. SJRP has no need for writers. Tony's the only writer here. Go away writers. We have precious little money to pay our artists and we have NONE for writers. No proposals either. We won't look at them even if you send them.


If you are an investor, potential advertiser or you'd just like to make Tony rich, contact Tony at imfix@comcast.net.

Be warned, however, he sometimes talks about himself in the third person.

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