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Our Heroes!

Barbara the Barbarian The Mighty Cubby Locust the Wizard
Sgt. T.S. Father Shambles Sir Dan the Optimist

Confused about issue #15 of The Travelers! No wonder! We left the last page off by mistake! (That's the last time we go drinking with Shambles before a deadline!) Anyhow, click here and you'll see the last page!


A Word from the Creator

Hi. I'm Tony DiGerolamo.
I think Drew Hayes, the creator of Poison Elves, summed up intros best in his new #1 Poison Elves issue from Sirius: "...most times when you read the intro (to a first issue independent comic book) are scored with happy, drippy optimism from some poor, unfortunate idiot just beginning his/her foray into a life of comic book hell."
Well said Drew.
What amazes me most about comic book publishers is the utter lack of planning and business sense that 90% of them seem to not have. But it's more than that. They seemed to trapped in the insular world of comic book fandom, which continues to drive away the general public and reduce the comic book as an art form to a footnote in history.
And could these things get any thinner? Christ on a cracker! Three bucks for 24 pages of story is just out of hand!
Anyway, I can sit here and tell you that my comic book's different. That it will be so well-rendered, your eyeballs will hurt. That my ideas are so mind-wrenchingly different, you'll be blown away by my perspective. That I am KING! No! GOD of COMICS CREATORS!
But you don't need me to blow smoke up your ass, read the comic. You like, you buy, I make more. Simple, like an episode of "Full House".
And, hey, let's get some civilians to read this stuff. I'm not writing in some superhero code here, this book is for Joe Q. Public. I want this book on buses, in doctor's offices, barber shops, coffee houses--- Get your friends to read. Not them, the ones that snicker when they see you reading Batman.
And could we please have a four year moratorium on boring fantasy novels? Please! Am I the only one who is sick of these humorless, dry, medieval fantasy characters that aren’t fit to hold the sword of my worst Dungeons & Dragons NPC?! (non-player character)
For those of you who play magic cards for money, for those of you who play D&D drunk and for those of you who go to Renaissance fairs just to say “Bite me” to Sir Lancelot, I give you the adventurers who put the wiz in wizard--- the dung in dungeon--- Ladies and knights, slap your gauntlets together for The Travelers!

Our current publisher is Kenzer & Comapny fine makers of the Hack Master RPG (TM) and Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine (TM). Our new publisher is Wingnut Games, as of our April 2003 issue. If you can't find The Travelers in your local gaming or comic book store, you can order direct from Kenzer and, in April, Wingnut. Wingnut will be handling our subscribers and they are offering a special deal with a free game. You can also order from the SJRP store.(It makes us look better if you order through Wingnut Games or a store.)

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